Fifty, Single and Finally at Peace

Prayer brought her a husbandFifty years of being single weren’t enough to get Oliyarasi out of being asked the dreaded question: “Why aren’t you married?” Out of six children, Oliyarasi was the only one who hadn’t married, and the prying and mockery of her neighbors was so bad, she was embarrassed to even step outside.

Oliyarasi offered prayers and sacrifices to her gods, believing they could provide a husband, but she continued to live unmarried. Still, she refused to listen when her younger sister, Idhika, invited her to church.

Idhika had a burden for her sister and prayed for her often, asking God to give her His hope. Despite Oliyarasi’s refusals, Idhika continued to stand by and encourage her through her heartache.

One day, Oliyarasi went shopping on a busy street and a group of men started laughing at her. Ashamed, she went home and cried the whole day. When she told Idhika, the two cried together, but Oliyarasi began reconsidering Idhika’s invitation.

If the people who mocked Oliyarasi saw her get a husband, she thought, then she would have vindicated herself. The church could be the answer to her problems.

The Man Who Didn’t Mock Her

The next Sunday, Oliyarasi and Idhika went to church and told Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Lakshmibanta about Oliyarasi’s situation.

Normally, people who knew Oliyarasi’s situation called her unlucky and mocked her, but she was amazed to see Pastor Lakshmibanta fervently pray that God would bless her with a good husband. From that day on, she had peace in her heart, and her life began to change.

Oliyarasi stopped worrying about what people said. She started dressing well and was able to go out in public at peace. She began thanking Jesus every day for her life, and soon, she decided to follow Him.

Rejected by Her Family, Accepted in Christ

Eventually, Oliyarasi’s family received a marriage proposal from a Christian man, and with the approval of both families, Oliyarasi finally received the answer to her prayers.

Wiping away tears of joy, Oliyarasi said, “I was rejected among my relatives, but my church sisters and brothers continuously prayed for me and found me a Christian husband at my age of 50. I see the love of Jesus today.”

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