Growth and Fruit

Couple in Asia getting married

Bride of Christ Grows Through Couple’s Wedding

Sashini reviewed all she knew about the young man in question. His reputation spoke of politeness, self-discipline and good habits; he had been working for 10 years; he was well-known by Sashini’s aunt. All of those qualities looked promising in a prospective husband. One thing, however, seemed problematic: This young man followed Christ. Sashini and her family did not. What […] Read more »

Niket and Abia found more than just a ride home

The Best Motorcycle Ride of His Life

Niket gazed wearily up the road, hoping he wouldn’t have to wait much longer for an auto rickshaw to come along. It had been a long day, and he just wanted to get home. A few minutes later, he heard a motorcycle approaching. When the bike came closer, Niket saw the driver wore a bag slung across his shoulders and […] Read more »

Anja found peace after attending a Christmas service

Christmas Program Helps Woman Find Peace

A play on words has become a popular quote: “No God, no peace. Know God, know peace.” For Anja, this is more than a saying; it is a statement of truth. During a Christmas program at a church led by a GFA-supported pastor, Anja learned about the One who brings the peace her family so desperately needed. Anja lived with […] Read more »

Young girl loses home and family for God

Fervent Prayers Bring Girl Home

Sabitha, 16, burned with curiosity to hear more about Jesus. The truth that God loved her was almost impossible for the teenager to believe. A seed of faith sprouted in her heart. Sabitha knew that GFA-supported pastor Ajoy, who first told her about Jesus, held a prayer meeting every day at her friend’s house. She could go there to hear […] Read more »

man with bible in front of church

Young Man Discovers Knowing About God Isn’t Good Enough

At the ripe old age of 17, Jasveer knew everything there was to know about God. Growing up in a village where Christianity was common, he knew to attend church and to talk to God right before eating a meal or before drifting off to sleep at night. He knew how God wanted him to behave and how to judge […] Read more »

Trapped in a Vice

“Do not be deceived, ‘Evil company corrupts good habits.’” —1 Corinthians 15:33 For Rikhil, this Bible verse epitomized most of his teenage years. The Allure of Drink Growing up, Rikhil was a humble and obedient son at home and at school. He exemplified good character and morals—until he fell into the wrong crowd. At the tender age of 12, Rikhil […] Read more »

The Gift that Keeps Giving—a Decade Later

Pratul never imagined how radically his life would change because of a cow. When Pratul received a cow at a Christmas gift distribution organized by GFA-supported pastor Dayal almost 10 years ago, he was a poor farmer unable to feed his family every day. Working hard all day raising crops and not being able to sit down to a complete […] Read more »

Top of Church Building

In Need of Safe Haven

Pastor Anson looked at the people who had gathered. Huddled in a believer’s home, the room they were meeting in was becoming too cramped. This was not the first house they had met in. They needed a place more permanent—more spacious. A Great Need GFA-supported pastor Anson had been serving in this village for several years, and over time his […] Read more »

From Unsuccessful Sacrifices to Meaningful Praises

Bindal watched as his parents bought another animal sacrifice for an annual festival. His heart was troubled, because he knew their money was limited. Bindal knew the significance of these blessings, but he worried for his parents’ financial security. He wondered if there was a way out of this life. A Life of No Peace Bindal lived with his parents, […] Read more »

A Servant Girl’s First Christmas

Twenty-year-old Bandhura spent her days washing dishes and cleaning her relatives’ homes. The outside world didn’t know her—no one ever really saw her. The only time fatherless Bandhura ventured out from her duties as a servant was during ritual pilgrimages. When Bandhura was merely a little girl, her father died leaving her mother with a difficult decision to make. She […] Read more »

Journey to Buy Animal Sacrifices Ends Abruptly

It was a Sunday morning in August when Teesha and her husband headed out on a bicycle. They wheeled through a village that had a church building, and as they rode by, Teesha glanced inside. What she saw caught her eye. Believers clapped their hands and worshiped the Lord with joy. It was here that Teesha’s tiresome journey came to […] Read more »

A Father’s Heart Trapped in a Bottle

Giri’s life was a picture of demolition. Day after day, from sun up to sun down, his life centered around buying and consuming alcohol. Giri’s cravings bound his working hands, causing him to neglect all of his responsibilities in the attempt to satisfy his addiction. His family’s basic needs like food, clothing and even schooling for his young sons, were […] Read more »

After 20 years, this congregation was blessed with a permanent church building.

Congregation Receives Permanent Church Building After 20 Years

In 1994, when a Christian family in South Asia began living in a village of more than 100 families, a church soon started to flourish—even though there was no pastor or church building. This Christian family’s love for Jesus and Christlike example made an impact on many of their new neighbors. Two other families in the village, who had previously […] Read more »

Congregation gathers inside church building

A Place a Church Can Call Home

A crowd assembled around the little house. Someone stepped forward to lock the door from the outside. With rocks in hand and the exit securely fastened, villagers hurled their stones against the outer walls, yelling threats at the believers trapped inside. Fellowship Begins Through Healing It was a drastic measure, but the villagers living in the place where Gospel for […] Read more »

Hearing songs about Jesus often grows people's interest in learning about Him..

Families Draw Near to Christ After Hearing Christmas Carols

Just a little more than a year ago, Vibhat, Atulya, Vaijayi and their families were living in desperate situations, and they didn’t know Christ. Vibhat and Vaijayi were both bringing their families down through their alcohol addictions, while Atulya and his family lived in tension because of financial hardships. Today, all three of these men and their families are learning […] Read more »