Christmas Roofing and Redemption

Tin sheets being distributed
Kagiso received tin sheets, like these being delivered in Sri Lanka, at a GFA Christmas gift distribution, and they enabled him to finish building his family’s home.

Kagiso’s shoulders slumped. No matter how hard he worked as a daily laborer, he couldn’t make enough money to build a larger house for his joint family. Instead, he, his wife and their young daughter shared a small, one-room house with Kagiso’s elderly parents, whom Kagiso was responsible for supporting as well. Kagiso loved his parents, and the family enjoyed one another’s company, but the tight quarters of the one-room house made things difficult for the five of them.

Despite his financial difficulty, Kagiso was determined to provide his family with a safer, larger home. He worked hard and avoided all unnecessary expenses to see his dream realized.

Determination and Discouragement

Through hard work and perseverance, Kagiso eventually saved enough money to build a home for his family. He saw the foundation poured and the walls go up, eagerly visualizing the finished product. His dream for his family was finally coming true! Day by day, more progress was made. The house was almost complete; all that remained was purchasing and installing roofing.

But when he was ready to purchase the roofing, Kagiso realized he could not afford the tin sheets needed to make it safely livable. Without enough money to purchase tin sheets, Kagiso resorted to a temporary roof constructed of various pieces of wood. It constantly leaked and offered poor insulation. The family lived without proper roofing for a full year.

Kagiso tried repeatedly to purchase tin sheets, but he could not generate enough money. With a heavy heart, Kagiso trudged on. How could he ever build a proper home for his family?

A Listening Ear

One day local Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Gintas visited Kagiso and his family. Pastor Gintas shared with them the love and miracle-working power of Christ.

Kagiso had never heard of Jesus and was intrigued and encouraged by the pastor’s words.

Kagiso shared his problems with Pastor Gintas, including his family’s financial hardships and struggles getting proper roofing. Pastor Gintas listened intently and encouraged the family to trust in Jesus for help, promising to pray for them and their urgent needs.

Helping Hands

Pastor Gintas visited Kagiso and his family weekly, sharing God’s love and inviting them to church. In response, the family occasionally attended church prayer meetings.

During the Christmas season, Pastor Gintas’s church held a GFA gift distribution for those in need. Through the distribution, Kagiso and his family received the five tin sheets they needed, which enabled Kagiso to complete the roof for the family’s new home. Upon receiving this gift, Kagiso’s heart filled with gratitude. He couldn’t believe it! He was overjoyed and overwhelmed with thankfulness. Seeing how God provided, Kagiso and his family’s faith and trust in the Lord increased.

“I never expected such a gift from God through a church,” Kagiso said. “I am always grateful to the Lord and to the church.”


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