VBS Brings Inspiration, Direction

Boy pictured that attended the Vacation Bible School.
Samoset (pictured) is so grateful for VBS program and how it has helped him learn more about Jesus and His love for him.

Every year, VBS has a profound impact on countless children of all ages across the world. Children gather to play, learn and experience Jesus’ love and care in a safe, welcoming environment. Many of these children have never heard about God or His love before their VBS experience; others, like 12-year-old Samoset, experience God’s love in a new and profound way.

A Faithful Family

Samoset lived with his parents and younger brother in a small village in South Asia. Their family had faced many struggles throughout their lives but had begun experiencing God’s blessing since receiving His love. His father even served the Lord in their local church. Seeing the transformation in his family and in his own life, Samoset was eager to learn all he could about God and His love for him and his family.

Hearing God’s Call

Samoset attended Sunday school every week, read God’s Word for himself and prayed daily. One Sunday, Samoset learned his church would be hosting VBS, and he excitedly anticipated attending.

As he participated in the activities at VBS, Samoset felt the love of Jesus and experienced God’s peace in his heart in a more profound way than he ever had before. While Samoset was praying, he heard a voice calling to him, “Follow me!”

Samoset knew this was Jesus, and he knew what he needed to do. Determined to answer this call upon his life, Samoset focused his attention on Jesus, choosing to have faith and trust God’s goodness in his life.

A New Direction

Responding to the call of God, Samoset resolved to serve the Lord all the days of his life. He began to diligently read and memorize God’s Word. He became even more actively involved in his church and began working alongside his dad during ministry opportunities. He shared with others his age that God loves them and cares for their lives. Samoset also began sharing with his friends and classmates about what God was doing in his life and the hope he has because of Jesus’ love.

Samoset continues working hard in school and hopes to always serve the Lord.

Samoset is so grateful for VBS and the impact it has had on his life.

“I am happy that I was able to learn more about God through [VBS],” Samoset said.

Like Samoset’s biblical role model Daniel, who had faith in every situation regardless of the circumstances, Samoset has faith in God’s call upon his life, and is willing to answer that call, trusting God to provide in all things.



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