Bicycle Helps Young Girl Follow Her Dreams

girl pictured in front of the bike she was given to go to school.
Moira, pictured here with her bicycle, no longer worries about having to walk to school.

Finally, Moira had made it to school through the day’s deluge of rain. Many days the young teenager arrived at school either soaked from the pouring rain or exhausted from walking in the hot sun. The five-mile trek hindered Moira’s ability to make it to school on time. There were mornings that, as the sun rose, Moira wondered if the agonizing trip was worth it.

Continue in School, Continue in Exhaustion

At 14 years old, Moira was well on her way to completing her secondary education. She wanted to be a teacher, and an education was the only way she could attain that goal. But walking to and from school every day was taking its toll. Sometimes, in the evenings, Moira would fall asleep without eating dinner, exhausted from her trek home and from completing her homework assignments.

Some of Moira’s friends biked to school, and Moira had long wanted a bicycle. But she could only watch as her friends sped by.

Moira’s father, Anrai, saw his daughter’s struggles. The fact that he couldn’t afford to purchase a bicycle for his daughter distressed him. A farmer by trade, Anrai earned barely enough to both feed his family and send Moira to school as it was.

So Moira could only watch her friends on their bicycles and dream of how much easier it would be to go to school with one, how much time and energy it would save her. Her drive to continue her education slowly waned.

A Simple Gift to Help Achieve Her Goal

Then something amazing happened. Moira, along with several other school-age girls in her area, received a bicycle. Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Seeley, after having been made aware of Moira’s struggles, shared with his leaders about the young girl’s need and asked that she be included in the distribution. Thanks to him, Moira attended the gift distribution and received what she had wanted—and needed—for so long.

After Moira got her new bicycle, the burden that had weighed on Anrai for so long finally lifted. Moira was ecstatic. Now she could join her friends riding their bicycles to and from school, saving both time and energy for her studies.

“My dream has come true,” Moira told the pastor. “I cannot explain how happy I am now to have my own bicycle. … Now, I can concentrate on my studies.”

Now that Moira’s dream of owning a bicycle has been achieved, Moira’s goal of becoming a teacher can become ever more realistic. The bicycle has been a small but helpful step to attain Moira’s dream.


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