His Wife Was Dying

Bhavya had earnestly sought healing for his wife, Ghambiri, for two years. He prayed and offered sacrifices to his gods, but they did not answer. As the situation worsened, he lost hope for any change. It all began one day when Ghambiri became virtually comatose. She was taken to the hospital, but nothing could be done to bring her out […] Read more »


Fifty, Single and Finally at Peace

Fifty years of being single weren’t enough to get Oliyarasi out of being asked the dreaded question: “Why aren’t you married?” Out of six children, Oliyarasi was the only one who hadn’t married, and the prying and mockery of her neighbors was so bad, she was embarrassed to even step outside. Oliyarasi offered prayers and sacrifices to her gods, believing […] Read more »

A national missionary prayed for his healing

What the Witch Couldn’t Fix

Habib was his parents’ only son, so they took care that he would pass on their beliefs to his three children. When Habib suddenly became ill, though, it seemed all their efforts over the years might have been for nothing. First, Habib felt stomach pain after drinking alcohol. He took the village doctor’s medicine, but it only worked a few […] Read more »

Women in fellowship

Dreams of Demons

Tabassum and Edi had a fine marriage—until Edi started taking his faith seriously. The man had been a nominal Christian when they tied the knot, but soon he started attending prayer and worship services at the local church. Tabassum did her best to keep Edi away from the church, verbally abusing him and his family, but something had changed in […] Read more »