A Servant Girl’s First Christmas

This is Bandhura. A Christmas program lead by a Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor helped her start her journey with Christ

Twenty-year-old Bandhura spent her days washing dishes and cleaning her relatives’ homes. The outside world didn’t know her—no one ever really saw her. The only time fatherless Bandhura ventured out from her duties as a servant was during ritual pilgrimages.

When Bandhura was merely a little girl, her father died leaving her mother with a difficult decision to make. She struggled to provide for her only child. Their lack of income drove her to send Bandhura to work in the homes of her relatives.

Because of this decision, Bandhura never really had a childhood. While the children around her went to school, she was busy doing housework. Worst of all, because Bandhura never really saw her mother, she didn’t ever fully experience what every child longs for—a mom’s love.

Invited to a Christmas Program

December 25 came around, and Bandhura was invited with her relatives to a Christmas program at a local church led by a Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor. Friendly faces met the little-known Bandhura, and she found the believers welcoming her with loving arms to the program. She had never felt the warmth of Christ’s love before.

As Bandhura listened to the Christmas story and heard of the sacrifice Christ made for her and the whole world, she wondered who Jesus was. She thought deeply about what she had believed her entire life. That day, Bandhura met the pastor’s wife, Abhati. They talked about Jesus, the One who came as a baby, humble and loving.

After that Christmas day, Bandhura formed a friendship with Abhati. Whenever Bandhura was discouraged or sad, Abhati would pray for her and encourage her through God’s Word. Faith grew in Bandhura’s heart, and soon she wanted to follow Jesus with all her life.

Today Bandhura is falling more in love with Jesus as she experiences His vast love and acceptance. Despite facing harsh opposition and rejection from her mother, Bandhura faithfully attends church and is growing every day in the knowledge of Christ.

That Christmas program changed Bandhura’s life. Once forgotten and fatherless, Bandhura now is a daughter of the One who will never reject or leave her behind.

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  1. Asey

    This is so encouraging to read. So glad she gets to hear of the best love a human can ever receive 🙂

  2. Mary

    It’s good you all taught her about JESUS. Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to me. Jesus will give you everything in his timing when you wait on him. GOD is so Amazing.

  3. Everett

    There is no greater gift than love and Jesus loved us so much that He died for us so we could live for Him and with Him forever.

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