Christmas Gift Fertilizes Field, Brings Immediate Income

Mooing, baaing and snorting abounded at the exciting event held by Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Sajjan. It was a Christmas gift distribution! Fourty-year-old Karnam stepped up to receive his gift—a gift that blessed his five children and wife more than he ever would have dreamed.

A Difficult but Faithful Life

Karnam worked hard, but his family struggled to maintain a steady livelihood. Karnam needed to invest his scant money on fertilizer for his crops, which left little for other family needs.

But even in the midst of poverty, the family found the true richness held in Christ. They loved the Lord and faithfully followed the example of Jesus. They also loved worshiping Jesus together with other believers at the local church led by a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor.

Cows are very useful for families in Asia. This woman and Karnam both received cows and had greater hope for their families’ future.

The Blessing a Cow Can Bring

But all their financial struggles began to ease when Karnam received a cow, thanks to the love and support of someone in another part of the world. Karnam took his cow home, and the very next day, he was able sell the milk it produced. The simple animal offered him a steady flow of cash from the daily milk.

This was not the only blessing the cow brought to the family—Karnam used the cow dung as free compost for his crops. It brought increased richness to the soil, and it meant he no longer needed to purchase fertilizer. Now, Karnam is able to feed his family rice, potatoes and green veggies from the abundance of his field. The money saved from not having to purchase these items also gives Karnam a chance to meet his family’s other needs.

Christmas gifts like Karnam’s cow can impact needy families in significant and lasting ways. Gifts like these help families financially, and they also help recipients learn God cares and provides for our every need.

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