A Mother in Need

Woman with goat
Sanoja, pictured here, is thankful for the goat she received and eagerly awaits the day she can use the income it will provide to send her son to school.

Sanoja could take no more. Throughout the past year, her husband had constantly berated, abused and tormented her—all for going to church. Even their young son, who was the result of much prayer and fasting, was not spared her husband’s anger. Finally, Sanoja had enough; she fled, taking her young son with her.

The Plight of a Mother

For nearly a decade of marriage, Sanoja and her husband remained childless—a matter of shame in their culture. However, Sanoja heard of Jesus through a believer who attended a church led by a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor. With multiple doctor visits and rituals proving unsuccessful, Sanoja was willing to try anything, including praying to Jesus.

However, Sanoja’s husband vehemently opposed her attending the church, but Sanoja continued to pray and hope for a miracle. By the grace of God, Sanoja conceived and gave birth to a baby boy.

In spite of being blessed with a son, Sanoja’s husband continued to abuse Sanoja. On a regular basis, Sanoja endured both physical and verbal maltreatment. Sanoja’s husband even refused to provide for her and their son. This being the last straw, Sanoja grabbed her son and escaped to her mother’s home.

Providing for Her Son

Her mother and brother welcomed Sanoja with open arms. Anything Sanoja’s child needed, they tried to provide. However, as Sanoja’s mother and brother were both poor, it was difficult to make ends meet. Sanoja began working in the fields to earn any money she could.

The local church saw Sanoja’s plight, and thanks to Gospel for Asia (GFA) partners around the world, they were able to provide her with a goat through a GFA-supported Christmas distribution.

“I am [indebted] to the [pastor] and the church family for giving me a reliable source of income,” Sanoja said, thankful. “I hope that God will help me and bless me with numerous goats from this one goat so that I can help the church as well as educate my son in the days to come.”

As the goat is young, Sanoja faithfully takes care of it, expectantly waiting for the day when blessing—through its offspring or milk—will come from it.

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  1. Shira M Levine

    I am glad Sanoa has been helped. A correction needs to be made. Your emails to me should be addressed Dear Shira.

  2. Christienne

    Dear Sanoja,

    I thank God for blessing you! May your goat be fruitful and all of your blessings multiply for the glory of God! Amen.

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