Praying for a Piggy

income-generating animals
Pigs and other income-generating gifts can dramatically improve a poor family’s financial condition, and they also remind recipients of God’s love!

Chameli knelt in prayer. Like she had done before, she asked the Lord to provide a piglet for her family. Some may think it an unusual request for a wife and mother to make, but Chameli knew pigs are income-generating animals. Owning one would be a tremendous help for her struggling family, and she dreamed of raising pigs to supplement her husband’s farming income. There was no way they could afford to buy a piglet on their own, so she asked her Heavenly Father to provide.

Chameli shared her prayer request with her pastor and even asked if there was any way the church could provide a piglet for her. Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Rasik knew Chameli well, and he took her plea to heart.

An Oinking Answer to Prayer

When it came time for the church to organize a distribution of gifts, like those in GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog, Pastor Rasik recommended Chameli as one of the recipients.

“[Chameli] is a hardworking woman,” Pastor Rasik said. “After seeing her diligence, we provided her a piglet.”

Chameli’s faithful prayers had been answered! She testified of God’s faithfulness in her life, saying, “Glory be to God. He heard my prayer.”

Pastor Rasik believes the piglet will be a great help to Chameli and her family.

“She can earn a good income by selling it some months later,” Rasik said. “[And in the meantime], its dung is very useful to make the land fertile. She can cultivate more vegetables and grains now.”

Chameli rejoices over her precious piggy.

“I pray daily for it,” she says. “I have hope and belief that my condition will be improved because of this piglet.”

Chameli’s piglet is one among thousands of gifts given to needy families in Asia. For some, the gift is an answer to their prayers to Jesus. For others, the gift is their first time experiencing an expression of Christ’s love! To all, one simple gift can be completely life changing.


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  1. Beverley

    So wonderful we all have HIM to go to and Help us all. Thank you Good Father God of the universe. So thankful YOU love us all sooooooooooooooooooooo much. Help us become like YOUR son Yeshua as HE became like you. Be3

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