A Gift for a Paralyzed Man

Himmat couldn’t move. The 60-year-old man watched as his wife, Aarini, left their one-room house to go look for work because he couldn’t. Poverty afflicted the family their entire lives, but ever since Himmat became paralyzed, he and his wife suffered even more than they had before.

Himmat’s three sons worked each day, but even though they lived with their parents, they offered no financial support. Aarini had to support Himmat and herself on her own. To make matters worse, although Himmat regularly went to the doctors to find treatments to heal his paralysis, nothing helped. Life was bleak. The man who had worked hard all his life now had to be carried wherever he needed to go.

Himmat tried over and over again to budget for a wheelchair, but it was impossible. There was no way they could ever afford one. Nevertheless, Himmat’s life and need was not unseen by God, and Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Rehan moved to action as Christ’s hands and feet.

The Christmas Gift that Changed His Life

This is Pastor Rehan and his family. Pastor Rehan exemplified Jesus’ compassion toward Himmat in his time of great need.

One day, Pastor Rehan brought Himmat to an exciting event: a GFA-supported Christmas gift distribution. Sewing machines; shiny, new bicycles; rickshaws; and blankets were ready to be handed to dozens of excited recipients. A joyful spirit of hope arose in the hearts of the impoverished people. Today, their lives would change.

Himmat’s hands trembled with joy as he settled down into his very own wheelchair. It was the perfect gift.

With a smile on his face, Himmat said, “I am grateful to you for providing me a wheelchair. I have not been able to walk for a long time due to the disability of my physical body. But after receiving the wheelchair, at least I can go around and do my work. I thank you for providing me this wheelchair.”

After this joyful day, Himmat told everyone about his special gift and the love he had been shown by the local church and people across the globe.

Himmat’s life changed when he received his wheelchair. He understood that he was deeply loved and treasured by God. He has grown under the care of Pastor Rehan and the steadfast love and compassion of Christ.

Find out how a simple blanket touched hearts during a Christmas gift distribution.

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