The Gift that Keeps Giving—a Decade Later

Christmas Gifts of Livestock Raise Families From Poverty
Pratul, like the men pictured here, received a cow through a GFA Christmas gift distribution almost 10 years ago. Over the last decade, his cow has provided financial security and a higher education for his children.

Pratul never imagined how radically his life would change because of a cow.

When Pratul received a cow at a Christmas gift distribution organized by Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Dayal almost 10 years ago, he was a poor farmer unable to feed his family every day. Working hard all day raising crops and not being able to sit down to a complete meal demoralized Pratul.

Pratul tried buying a cow to add to his two oxen so he could increase his harvest, but he was always short of funds. Because his family had depended entirely on farming for their livelihood, and Pratul—being born poor—could never invest in his farm, they could not break the cycle of poverty that trapped them.

Christmas Cow Gives Immediate Blessings

The day Pratul received his Christmas gift triggered an avalanche of blessings in his life. Within a few months, his cow gave birth, providing milk for the family as well as the calf. As the calf grew, it became strong and went to work in the fields with Pratul’s oxen. It turned out to be the extra labor he had tried for years to purchase.

In addition to having a steady supply of milk and an additional cow to till the fields, Pratul no longer had to spend money on fertilizer. He was able to use the cow dung produced by the two beasts to fertilize his fields. This freed up money to purchase more crops—crops he now had the work force to grow. The family planted pumpkins, potatoes, spinach and other green vegetables, maximizing the income they could produce.

The Gift of Long-term Financial Stability

As the years flew by, Pratul’s family became more financially secure. Pratul was delighted when he received his cow, and that delight grew into a deep gratitude for the God who made this gift possible. Pratul and his family became more passionately involved in the worship services at Pastor Dayal’s church, praising God, who lifted them out of the cycle of poverty.

Pratul’s cow gave birth to three more calves, increasing Pratul’s herd to five, plus his two oxen! The burgeoning herd gave Pratul’s family an extra source of income by selling surplus milk and dung fertilizer. With these multiple sources of income, not only did this precious family secure food on the table every night, but all five of Pratul’s children were also able to make it to their final years of school, something that would have been impossible for this family before.

Giving Back in a Time of Plenty

As gratitude grew in Pratul’s heart, he began tithing to the local church, finally being able to give without having to sacrifice food from the table. Pratul is eager to share with others how much God has blessed him and taken care of his family. Others have come to know of God’s love because of this family’s testimony.

When Pratul looks back on the last decade of his life, he could never have dreamed of the financial security he now enjoys—or the peace of God in his heart.


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  1. Marie

    What a blessing it was to read this testimony of how God truly blessed this family, all praise to our God who always meets the needs of His people, He knows what we need before we even ask. Keep rejoicing in the Lord, and stand back and see what our God can do Pratul.

  2. Adrian

    How fortunate we all are that the good Lord gives us gifts of food, light, each other and a family. How grateful we must continue to be for these gifts and how necessary it is to remain mindful of those less privileged who must struggle to survive. Our prayers are for them on this day- the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ the giver of everything we own.

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