Mosquito Nets Bring Life to Recipients

Man With Mosquito Net
Madin, like this man pictured, received a mosquito net that would protect him and his family from malaria-transmitting mosquitoes.

Pastor Ojayit walked through the villages that he ministered in, stopping to talk with residents specifically about one thing: if they had been affected by malaria and needed mosquito nets.

Through his time serving in this region, Pastor Ojayit had noticed people falling sick with the disease and was saddened by how many people had been affected. So he decided to give out mosquito nets to help them.

 Holding onto Life

As Pastor Ojayit made his way through the village, he visited a man named Madin. Madin and his family had been ill with malaria and brain malaria on multiple occasions. Like many who have experienced malaria, they were close to death. Madin lived in extreme poverty and wasn’t able to afford treatment or prevention methods to keep from experiencing the fever, chills and other flu-like symptoms that malaria brings on. Madin’s need for a mosquito net was great.

Knowing this, Pastor Ojayit added his name to the list of recipients for his next Christmas gift distribution. Soon, Madin went home with a net that would keep him from catching mosquito- borne illnesses and bring a second chance at life for them. No longer did his family have to worry whether they were going to die from malaria, but instead, they were able to—for the first time in their lives— thrive. His children who were in school no longer had to fear missing classes of being sick with malaria.

Mosquito Net Helps Build Friendship

Madin and Pastor Ojayit had known each other since 2010. But when Madin saw and experienced the Lord’s compassion through Ojayit and the gift of the mosquito net, their relationship deepened.

Pastor Ojayit visited Madin for seven weeks to encourage Madin from Scripture and pray for him. Because of Jesus working in their lives, Madin’s family began to feel peace and joy. Today Madin and his family are active in the church activities, and God is enabling them to experience His peace and blessings daily.

Though Madin’s family were in danger of malaria, their mosquito net means they are now protected as they sleep.

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