The Odd Family Out

The Odd Family Out - Girl finds new life in Christ and the peace He offers.
Taegen, pictured here, saw the peace and harmony in Olathe’s life and wanted to experience it for herself.

The family was an oddity, Taegen noticed. Disciplined, orderly and peaceful—totally unlike their fellow villagers. There were no outbursts of anger, no loud arguments. They did not partake of the vices engaged in by nearly every other family of the village. Taegen couldn’t shake her inquisitiveness. Giving in to her curiosity, she got up from her family’s circle and approached the family.

Not Like the Rest

Sixteen-year-old Taegen and her family had joined their entire village for a week-long excursion into the forest. Normally, the men of the village would go hunt in the woods to provide for their families, but this time, they brought their families along with them. Indulgence in alcohol and drugs was common for the villagers, and this gathering was no exception.

As the week continued, Taegen couldn’t help but take notice of the odd family out. They didn’t partake in the excessive revelries but quietly went about their business. And, Taegen noted, none of the apparent disunity present in her and other villagers’ families was in theirs.

Taegen’s curiosity grew with each passing day, and on the final day of their forest excursion, she approached the mother of the family.

Answered Questions, Inspired Heart

That was when Taegen met Gospel for Asia (GFA) worker Olathe, who served in and around her village—and was involved in her local Woman’s Fellowship—offering God’s love to those who needed it most. So, when Taegen approached her that day, Olathe did not hesitate to answer the teen’s questions.

Why didn’t Olathe and her family join in with the rest of the villagers? Taegen asked. What was it about the family that made them so full of peace and unity?

Women reading scripture and worshipping together.

Because they followed Jesus, Olathe explained.

She went on to explain that, through their faith, they attempted to live in peace and the love of God. And it was due to this same love that workers like Olathe could help transform and uplift entire communities.

As the day drew to a close, Olathe offered to meet with Taegen in the future and share more with the teenager. With a yearning to discover more of God’s love, Taegen said yes. When they returned to the village the next day, Olathe met with Taegen and began teaching and encouraging the young woman to live like Christ—with peace amidst everything. Eventually, Taegen made the decision to embrace Jesus’s love.

Taegen now is part of the local fellowship Olathe leads. The peace and love she saw in Olathe’s life and home was now hers—and she could pass it on to her family.


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