Christ Glorified Through Woman’s Healing from Leprosy

Christ Glorified Through Woman’s Healing from LeprosyRabia got married when she was only 12 years old. She and her husband, and—years later—their two children, lived relatively happy lives, following their traditional Asian religion.

But when Rabia turned 30, she developed the symptoms of leprosy. Her husband kicked her out of the house because of it. In one fell swoop, the divorcee lost her husband of 18 years, her two young children and a life of normalcy. She moved to another village where there were some other people suffering from leprosy, too.

Many years passed, and Rabia remarried and had another child, but she never consulted any doctors about the disease. By the time she was 56 years old, the leprosy had spread over her entire body. She had lost the ends of her fingers and toes, and sores covered her.

Bandaging Wounds While Singing Praise

Some Sisters of Compassion, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported women missionaries specially trained to care for leprosy patients and others in desperate need, began serving in Rabia’s village. When they visited Rabia’s house, she told them wounds covered one of her legs and asked if they could cure her.

The women missionaries comforted the downtrodden woman and assured her the Lord Jesus could heal her sores through their simple, practical dressing of the wounds.

As they dressed Rabia’s wounds, the Sisters of Compassion sang songs of praise to God and prayed for her. They shared the Word of God with Rabia, and as she heard the Word, she slowly started to trust in this God they told her about. He was healing her, just as the missionaries had said He would.

A Deeper Healing

Rabia decided to visit the Sunday worship service the missionaries had told her about, and in the weeks afterward, she kept going back. Eventually, she came to a point where she decided she wanted to know Christ herself, so she invited Him into her heart.

Rabia kept believing the Lord would heal her of leprosy—and He did!

Seeing this, many in her village have begun to recognize Christ’s power to heal and redeem lives. In addition, Rabia is coming to a deeper understanding that Christ accepts her, loves her and honors her, and He will never cast her out.

Praise God for His love for this once-outcast woman.

You can join Him in His work by praying for others like Rabia who are suffering from leprosy.

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  1. Beverley

    God is a great God.His love is so amazing and awesome. We can depend on Him for everything. B

  2. PEGGY

    Praise God for healing this wonderful woman. He still heals today as He did when He walked this Earth. I am so grateful for the testimony this woman has to reach others for Christ. I will be praying for her and the others in her village . God bless her and the women who helped lead her to Christ.

  3. Tan Hwee Seh

    Praise the Lord. Nothing is too hard for our Lord.

  4. Elisée

    All the glory be to Our Marvellous and Still Healing God who is the same, yesterday, today and forever, Praise God, Amen.

  5. eufemia

    Jesus is the great healer.glory to god halleluia!

  6. lori


  7. susan

    able is his name.Thanks Jesus

  8. Moses

    What a privilege to see our God at work through His chosen ones to minister His Grace for His Glory. It encourages me here in New Zealand about His work His way, and o could never fully comprehend His Grace and Mercy. Thank you for sharing

  9. Mgaza

    Let the glory of God be revealed to many in Asia as the missioneries work tirelessly to fulfill the Lord’s great commission. May the almighty God make your sandles survive or unworn so that you can go greater distances for those that have not yet heard the gospel also have the chance to hear it.

  10. Robin

    I pray for Rabia as i pray got myself believe that God will heal you as he will me God is good just wait on hem God we need you everyday of our life Anen, Amen

  11. jim

    Praise Him for He is worthy.. He 4gave my sins making me whole, the same God that healed our sister Rabia. jim in Las Vegas…………please pray for peace in Jerusalem………………..

  12. Joan

    God is awesome

  13. Marlyn

    May God bless all supporters,volunteer workers, prayer partners and friends of Gospel For Asia.
    Praise the Lord for GFA. To God be the glory.

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