Woman with bucket at Jesus Well

A Load Off Their Backs

A team of contractors hired by Gospel for Asia drilled a Jesus Well in a parched village of Nepal in August 2013, alleviating chronic thirst, diseases and backaches. The new Jesus Well, drilled at the request of local GFA pastor Deepankar, provides clean water for villagers to use. It is available for everyone, regardless of age, caste or religious preferences, […] Read more »

The villagers suffered. They had no clean water to scrub their dishes or to quench their thirst. So a GFA pastor began praying for a Jesus Well.

Clean Water, Healing for a Suffering Village

The villagers suffered. They drew water from a murky reservoir—murky water to wash their bodies, murky water to scrub their dishes, murky water to quench their thirst, and no one knew Christ. Jabbar, 50, and his wife, Sachi, 45, suffered like the rest of the villagers, but Sachi even more so. Severe pain shot through her stomach. It hurt so […] Read more »

Drinking Salty Water

Ghalib poured salty water from the container in his home. This was normal for his entire village. They all struggled with drinking the water because of the high level of salt within it. Many of the villagers suffered from kidney stones, and the children often became ill. Gospel for Asia pastor Aslesh recognized the villagers’ difficulties and requested BioSand water […] Read more »

The people in Zahin’s village used to walk more than half a mile each way to get water, and often ended up with various skin conditions because of the dirty water.

No More Stomachaches or Skin Rashes for Zahin’s Village

The people in Zahin’s village used to walk more than half a mile each way to get water. But when monsoon season arrived, the water would become polluted. To save themselves from the long walks and the bad water, the villagers dug small ponds near their homes to draw water—but the pond water was contaminated too. Because the villagers used […] Read more »

The First Seed of Good News

The drill bore deeper and deeper into the earth, looking to strike pure, fresh water—water Gospel for Asia pastor Samuel’s village needed desperately. All the water sources were far away, and every one of them was contaminated, leaving the children who drank from them with stomach pains and other illnesses. But the villagers didn’t want any Christian help, even if […] Read more »

Clean water

A Well for Strangers

Ratnakar lived only a few miles from the local church, but he’d never seen such a large crowd around it as there was that day. As he got closer to see what was happening, Ratnakar just became more confused. The crowd was gathered around a well, and someone was announcing that the well belonged to the whole village—that anyone, without […] Read more »

Water Flows from the Mountain Side

Basking in the mountains of east India rests a small village with more than 50 families. They work hard six days a week laboring in the tea gardens, doing carpentry work or working other jobs they find in order to make a living. The village seems nearly abandoned during the day with only the mothers, young children and elderly quietly […] Read more »

Women at a Jesus Well

Miles of Pain for a Dirty Drink

Everyone in the area knew the familiar sight of women and girls trudging for miles along parched land, searching for water. Almost as familiar were the complaints of joint pain most of the women suffered. After miles of carrying full water containers back to their villages, agony burned through the women’s shoulders, hips and knees. Even then, they couldn’t refresh […] Read more »

Family gathers water from Jesus Well

Drinking the Water That Killed Their Livestock

Ekanath walked up to the open well and peered over the edge, gazing down inside. What he would normally see as a clear reflection of his face was now a grimy glare of green water and worms below. Ekanath sighed as he turned away from the dirty well and looked off down the road. He now braced himself for the […] Read more »

Biosand water filter provides clean water

Water So Clean They Couldn’t Believe It

The water was so dirty it turned every vessel yellow and often made people sick. Yet everyone in the area drank it without a second thought for their health. As part of 768 million people worldwide without access to clean water, they couldn’t afford a second thought. Most of the people in the village worked as laborers, leaving early in […] Read more »

Clean water through a BioSand water filter

‘I Cannot Live without This Filter’

Dadhija’s family had suffered from stomach pain, dysentery and nausea for months, and it really was no wonder: The water they drank was full of worms and, sometimes, sewage. The family got their water from the municipal pipeline—the only water source in the community. When the pipe broke, sewage mixed with the water, and the families had no option but […] Read more »

BioSand water filter

The Hunt for a Forbidden Missionary

In Chanakya’s part of the country, villagers have a nearly endless need for water filters. Iron levels in the local water are so high, Gospel for Asia missionaries give away 150 filters every month. But for Chanakya, getting a BioSand water filter wasn’t an option. The people of Chanakya’s village are very strong in their traditional religion, and when it […] Read more »

Clean water through BioSand water filter

Trekking for Water

Meghana walked out the door and headed once more down the rutted streets. Compelled by thirst, she trekked the familiar road to draw water from a well that was a little less than a mile away. The well much closer to her home had so much salt in it that it was nearly impossible to drink. The wealthier people in […] Read more »

Water Filter Leads to Son’s Healing

Netravati was one of 80 people who had gathered to receive a BioSand water filter from the local Gospel for Asia pastor, Balendu. Because water in South Asia is often unsafe to drink, water filters are highly necessary and valued. Although Netravati had primarily gone to the program with the hope of receiving a water filter, he found himself standing […] Read more »

Pure Water

Poor Families Receive BioSand Water Filters

Villagers living near Gospel for Asia pastor Adri Dhruv’s church often drink water Americans wouldn’t use to water their houseplants. Water is scarce and contains dangerous pathogens. So many people contract deadly diseases from drinking contaminated water that it is one of the leading causes of death in the region. On India’s Independence Day in 2012, government authorities and more […] Read more »