Hope Found Through Living Water

Jesus well blesses an entire village
After years of relying on contaminated lakes, ponds and rivers for drinking water, villagers enjoy their new Jesus Well, which provides clean water for the entire village.

In the heat of midsummer, Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Madhukar traveled to a neighboring village where some members of his church resided. He wanted to visit fellow believers and connect with other villagers. However, when Pastor Madhukar arrived, he realized the Lord had much more for him to do than just meet new people and make conversation.

A Thirsty Village

Deep in Asia, there was a small riverside village whose inhabitants followed the traditional religious teachings and worked as farmers. The village was very poor, and there was a severe water shortage, which forced residents to obtain their drinking water from nearby ponds, lakes and rivers. Because this water was contaminated, many of the villagers had become sick from drinking the water they collected. They knew very well that they needed fresh water, but they could find none.

When Pastor Madhukar visited the village, he immediately recognized the dire need for clean water. People had even been hospitalized after drinking the contaminated water nearby. Pastor Madhukar wanted to help; he shared with them about the advantages of installing a Jesus Well to supply clean water.

“If it’s possible, please help us to get it,” the villagers responded with hope.

A Well of Living Water

Pastor Madhukar soon received permission to install a Jesus Well. When it was completed, the local people rejoiced in how the Lord provided for their most basic need.

The Jesus Well didn’t just provide clean drinking water, though; it opened people’s hearts to understand the goodness and loving nature of God. Now, whenever Pastor Madhukar visits the village, people eagerly invite him to pray for them, and more people are putting their full trust in Jesus.


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