Blocked from the Water

Imagine you live in a village. You are a farmer, and your life and livelihood revolve around the use of water. You share one water source with all your neighbors. It is the only relatively clean source of water for many miles. Suddenly, you are no longer allowed to collect water from there because you believe in Jesus Christ. What do you do?

Because of their love for Jesus, a congregation of believers in Asia found themselves in this situation.

For many in Asia, clean water is difficult or impossible to come by. Jesus Wells allow pure water to be available for the thirsty and for many to hear of God’s love.


Blocked from the Wells

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Satak led this congregation. In their village, the wells and local water sources were the most populated and used areas.

One day, the believers found their access to the village wells blocked. A group of villagers from 20 surrounding communities forbade the believers from collecting water from the village wells. They intended to curb the growth of the fellowship through this punishment.

“You don’t fetch water from the village well,” they said. “Return to your old faith.”

The believers remained steadfast in their faith and refused to reject Christ. They risked losing their livelihoods and even their lives for not turning their backs on God.

“We already [know] the truth of God,” the believers said. “We can’t go back …”

Bravely, the congregation gathered their water in secret by visiting the wells at night.

Trouble in the Water

The struggle to collect water didn’t end there. Another problem arose in the form of the water sources themselves: They were not clean. The wells gradually became contaminated as they filled with rain water. Many villagers fell ill with typhoid and malaria as a result.

In the face of both opposition and disease, Pastor Satak and the believers prayed unceasingly for a Jesus Well. Eight months later, the Lord answered their prayers.

The Lord Provides

Through the Lord’s provision, these villagers now have clean and pure water from a Jesus Well. No one is forbidden from gathering water; no one is turned away because of their beliefs. Because of this Jesus Well, 1,000 villagers now drink and use clean, safe water. The pure water drastically improved health and hygiene, reducing the spread of malaria and typhoid.

The love of God was exhibited so strongly through this blessing that seven villagers were touched. They now celebrate in the freedom brought by the Living Water!

While clean water is essential for life, the Living Water offers eternal life. Learn more about how Jesus Wells offer opportunities for both.

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    Praise God for the Christian testimony that Jesus wells provide. How can we contribute?

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