Man’s Health Restored After Drinking Water from Jesus Well

Jesus wells provide safe, clean drinking water.
A Jesus Well like this one proved to be life-changing for Saverio and his village.

Imagine for just a moment: The water that flows through your filtered refrigerator to your glass of ice or that pours from your sink faucet to the cooking pan is gone.

Instead, you heft a bucket in each hand and walk to the closest river, which is 300 meters (0.19 miles) away. When you return home with the heavy buckets, you finally take a deep drink to quench your thirst. You know the water you just drank could also contain disease-causing bacteria. But is there any other option?

For far too many, like 60-year-old Saverio, the answer is no. Drinking unclean water is a daily reality.

Struggle for Clean Water

Every day, Saverio trekked to the river to collect his water supply. Unfortunately, the water was not safe for consumption. Saverio often fell sick and his overall health suffered. But there was no other source of water for his village, so he continued to use the unfiltered river water.

One day, as Saverio made his way to the river, he met Gospel for Asia (GFA) workers Jamir and Vazir. They greeted him kindly and talked with him about how Jesus can provide for all his needs.

Naturally, Saverio thought of his village’s need for clean water. After all, he wasn’t the only one who suffered from the unclean water.

“If your Jesus will provide our needs, it will be very helpful to us,” Saverio told Jamir and Vazir.

Water from a Different Source

After the men prayed with Saverio, Jamir conducted a preliminary survey of the village area and took Saverio’s request for clean water to Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Tusar. Recognizing the village’s need for a good water source, Pastor Tusar began the process of installing a Jesus Well.

Jesus Wells provide communities with clean water, safe for cooking and drinking. They play a vital role in helping prevent disease caused by water contamination.

Soon the well in Saverio’s village was complete and ready for use. Now, instead of walking to the river every day, Saverio has a well near his home. The water is pure, and Saverio no longer suffers from the effects of drinking the contaminated river water. His health has greatly improved, and the well has been a blessing for the entire village.

Saverio saw God’s provision firsthand through the installation of the Jesus Well. He learned he could truly trust Jesus to provide for his needs. For Saverio, the gift of one well pours forth blessings of fresh water, good health and a growing relationship with Jesus.


To learn more about the effect Jesus Wells can have on a family’s health, watch Arnab’s story here.

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  1. Rosa

    I will pray hard for a way to get.clean water.
    Have you tried calling Operation Blessing. They can help. See them on TV.

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