Mute Boy’s Song Brings Healing to Family

Happy boy now sings
Since God has given him his voice and healed his family, Satyesh now has many reasons to smile.

Light strains of music could be heard outside the building. Inside, dozens of children sang and danced, following their teacher’s, Parbatie, lead. As Parbatie swept her eyes across the singing children, they paused on one boy in particular. Was Satyesh really singing? Surprise mingled with joy filled Parbatie, and she rushed to call Satyesh’s mother and the local Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor.

A Family’s Trials

Satyesh was a healthy 8-year-old boy, but for some unknown reason he couldn’t speak, which mean he didn’t attend school like his four older sisters. Satyesh’s parents had taken him to several temples, desperately searching for healing and answers. Not one could bring out Satyesh’s voice.

Pritesh, Satyesh’s father, fell into a deep depression and found solace in alcohol. His sadness turned into frustration, and his frustration turned into rage, which he would unleash on his wife, Gamya, beating her for no reason whatsoever.

Letting God’s Love In

One day, Gamya met Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Merul and shared her burdens with him. The worry for her son, her husband’s drunkenness and rage—it all came tumbling out. The pastor comforted Gamya. He said, God loved her and, He could bring healing and deliverance to her family.

A sign of hope! Gamya took this news back to Pritesh, but he ignored it. Secretly, Gamya decided to take Satyesh to church.

For several weeks, Gamya and Satyesh attended church services. Pastor Merul and other believers prayed for the young boy, and Satyesh attended Sunday school with other children. There, he heard Parbatie and other teachers tell stories from the Bible. He watched as the teachers and children danced and sang songs about the Lord.

One service, as the children sang together, Parbatie noticed Satyesh join in. Immediately, she called Pastor Merul and Gamya over.

“I was astonished to hear Satyesh singing,” Parbatie said. “He is now understanding the songs and singing. It is because of prayer.”

Seeing her son not only speak, but sing, brought joy to Gamya’s heart—at long last, her hopes and dreams had come true! Rushing home after service, Gamya told Pritesh what had happened.

A Family’s Transformation

Realizing his son had at last found his voice, Pritesh’s heart soared. Satyesh’s healing so moved Pritesh that the grateful father gave up alcohol entirely. He began attending church and reconciled with Gamya. Together, Pritesh and Gamya fully realized the great love God has for them.

Satyesh could now attend school, like his sisters. In first grade, the young boy is flourishing with his newfound voice.

Pritesh thanks God for healing his son—and healing his own heart.

“I was so worried and discouraged [that nothing could heal my son],” Pritesh remembers. “As a result, I began to take alcohol. But thank God, along with my son, Jesus has changed my life.”

Gamya also thanks God for His work in her son’s and husband’s lives.

After knowing about Jesus Christ,” she says, “there sprouted a hope that surely Jesus will do a miracle in my life, and He is doing it now. My husband’s life has been changed, and now [my] son is able to speak. Thank you, Jesus, for your grace and mercy.”


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