Clean Water in a Dry Village

Pastor Paavak could not turn a blind eye from the needs he saw in the village he served in. After seeing families and individuals in his community thirst for a clean water source, he decided to act.

In 2013, the Gospel for Asia GFA)-supported pastor ministered in an Asian village that had 150 homes spread out over a vast area. The main water sources were filled with arsenic and other harmful contaminants that made the water smell. Many people used filters made of tin, but they were not reliable pieces of equipment, as they would damage easily. And even after filtering, the pungent smell remained, making the water difficult for the villagers to swallow.

On October 24, 2013, 30 families received BioSand water filters from Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastors.

The Right Place at the Right Time

The Lord, in His sovereignty, arranged for Pastor Paavak to serve in the community where He knew Paavak could help. Pastor Paavak would see villagers journey in the hot sun to and from their only source of water, only to ingest harmful minerals and bacteria.

After much prayer, Pastor Paavak decided to speak with his leaders about providing the villagers with something to protect them from waterborne sickness. As a form of community development, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers offer BioSand water filters to families in need. These filters strip water of biological impurities making it 98 percent pure. They are perfect solutions for communities like the one Pastor Paavak serves in. After seeing that this particular village was in dire need of clean water, Pastor Paavak’s leaders helped alleviate their struggles.

Clean Water Provided

Pastor Paavak is not the only one who has witnessed the effects that lack of clean water can have on a community. Around 1.7 billion people in the Asian-Pacific region go without clean drinking water. According to United Nations ESCAP, “This lack of access is a ‘silent crisis’ that has claimed more casualties through illness than any conflict.”

Fortunately, on October 24, 2013, thanks to the efforts of Pastor Paavak and the generosity of people around the world, 30 BioSand water filters were given to needy families. Many beneficiaries expressed their gratitude to Pastor Paavak and his colleagues.

Karun, father of five, was one of those beneficiaries.

“I am a simple farmer and income is low,” he said. “I am glad that my burden is lightened to get this filter.”

Sabita, mother of four, said, “I used a filter made of mustard oil tin, but it damages very soon, and we are not able to use clean water. But from today on, my family will use water that is clean and will keep us safe from sickness, and I am glad for that.”

Ranjay, retired teacher and father of seven, said, “Water in our place is not good. There is waterborne diseases, and I always feel scared for those diseases. But from today on, my family will be saved from those diseases. I am thankful for the leader’s concern for us.”

Read another testimony of a villager, Sabeena, who no longer has to draw water from a pond that pigs bathe in.

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