Literacy Training Leads to Healing

This is Ragi, writing in her bangle shop.

How does a women’s literacy program result in physical healing? For Ragi, learning to read and write was not the only benefit of attending an adult literacy class. What she found was something that no doctor could offer.

Literacy Class Effects Positive Change

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported women missionaries offer many services to the communities they serve in. A group of women missionaries, Saachi, Sadna, Madhul and Kamya, observed the need around them and knew many women could benefit from learning how to read and write, so they conducted literacy classes.

Seven women attended their first class. These women were laborers and daily wage workers. The Women’s literacy program not only offered training in reading and writing, it also provided useful information about the effects of tobacco and alcohol. After several classes, many of the women quit their habits when they realized the negative affects these things were having on their health.

Bangle Shop Becomes a Study

One woman, Ragi, who benefited from the class, owned a bangle bracelet shop. Between her and her husband, who owned a chicken farm, they could provide for their family of two children. Learning to write would help her manage her shop more efficiently, so she attended the literacy classes. At first, she was hesitant to learn, but after seeing the love and compassion the women missionaries exhibited, she felt at ease.

But on top of managing her store and her responsibilities as a mother and wife, Ragi had been having breathing problems for three days. Realizing she could openly share her struggles with women who taught her class, she approached them for help.

Seeing an opportunity to display Christ’s love, Saachi, Sadna, Madhul and Kamya prayed for Ragi on the spot and encouraged her in the Lord. From that day, Ragi felt better and was gradually healed of her breathing problem.

As the weeks passed, Ragi continued learning to read and write. Sometimes, in the downtime between helping customers, she would practice her newly acquired skills. Through the women’s literacy program, Ragi’s life was changed. In October 2016, she completed her training and said, “I am so thankful to God for giving me an opportunity to learn how to read and write, and also for healing me completely.”

Literacy training can change lives. Read how one woman was able to stay afloat financially through receiving literacy training.

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