A Toilet Gives Widow Dignity

Toilets like this one impact the lives of many families in Asia.

Pastor Jaiwant saw the struggles Mayil went through to provide for her family. She needed help and support, but society shunned her instead. Pastor Jaiwant knew how difficult everyday life was, especially because Mayil’s family lacked a proper toilet facility. Too poor to build a toilet, they resorted to using the open tea fields where they lived, often awaking early in the morning in hopes of a little privacy. Pastor Jaiwant cared about each member of his congregation, and he wanted to help her.

Meet an Impoverished Widow

Mayil was a widow. Before her husband died, he loyally provided for his family by selling firewood. He was also faithful to the Lord and brought his family to church every Sunday. Though they were never well off, Mayil’s husband had taken good care of them and loved them. But when he died, the full duty of providing fell upon Mayil. His passing left an immense void in their lives—it was too much for Mayil to bear alone.

Because Mayil was a widow, the people around her looked down on her living conditions. They said she wasn’t a good housekeeper and mocked her inability to take proper care of her family. But Mayil never let these words disparage her. She, like her husband had, clung to the Lord and relied on Him for strength. No matter what society thought, her church family was there for her and accepted her with love.

Grateful for Her Toilet

Once Pastor Jaiwant saw how much Mayil would benefit from a toilet, he requested one from his leaders and set up a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported gift distribution. When Mayil received the sanitation facility, she was so grateful to the Lord and to her pastor. She knew she was loved and well looked after by God and His children.

This is Pastor Jaiwant and his beautiful family. Because of the love of Jesus pouring through him, he is able to serve precious people like Mayil. He is the hands and feet of Christ!

With joy, Mayil said, “I was not able to construct any bathroom and toilet for my family. But my loving Lord is so gracious to me. He provided sanitation in my house premises. I am very grateful to Him.”

Mayil appreciates the love of God being poured out through Pastor Jaiwant.

“Our local church pastor has so much concern for his believers,” she said. “It is because of his great help that I may be able to receive sanitation. It became a great help for our family.”

The Lord’s heart of compassion and love for widows is displayed through His servants, like Pastor Jaiwant. Praise the Lord for Mayil’s new toilet and for people like you who have provided the funds to make testimonies like this possible!

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  1. Phyllis

    Praise God! A lot of times we take so much for granted. And some of us here in the states are so ungrateful. I thank God providing for this family who aren’t able to take advantage of all the opportunities that we have. I praise God for their faith. It is my prayer that God will continue to show Himself mighty in the lives of His people.

  2. Sabrina

    Bless the lord o my soul and all that is within me bless his holy name I thank god for this blessed ministry God bless you gospel for Asia.

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