Water the Chickens and Cows Can’t Ruin

Man pumps Jesus well
This Jesus Well provides ample clean water for anyone who comes to draw water, just as the Jesus Well in Alarick’s village does.

A group of villagers huddled around a large hole, peering into the darkness. Feathers. Again. They let out a groan—not in grief over the dead chicken, although it was a loss for someone’s flock, but because it meant their well was contaminated. They gathered buckets and emptied the well late into the night. All that precious water wasted because of one little hen.

This well and a small pond had the job of providing water for this village, but they frequently failed in their task. In summertime, the well and pond dried up and had to be dug deeper. When the heavy rains came, water filled the pond again, but it was accompanied by leaves, garbage and cow manure. The families in this community needed water, but using dirty water exposed them to bouts of typhoid, diarrhea and other dangerous waterborne illnesses. Something had to change—but none of them could fix their deadly problem.

Pastor Brings Water, Life to Village

The community’s water crisis began changing when Alarick, one of the young men in the village, met a Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor, Stavros, serving in a nearby area. Alarick built a strong relationship with Pastor Stavros and joined his congregation regularly to worship the Lord. Pastor Stavros visited Alarick’s family frequently to encourage them in the Lord. During one of those visits, the pastor learned of the village’s extreme need for water.

Although countless other communities in Alarick’s nation face water shortages every year, Pastor Stavros felt a special burden for Alarick’s village. His compassion grew into a commitment to pray for the community’s need—for several years.

After four years of faithful intercession, Pastor Stavros’s prayers were answered.

Thanks to the generosity of people around the world, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers arranged for Alarick’s village to receive a Jesus Well at no cost to the community.

Sitting atop enclosed pipes that dive deep into the low water table, the bore well now gushes clean water all year long.

Alarick’s community finally has the change they needed! Overjoyed, around 100 people fetch their water from the Jesus Well instead of the compromised pond or open well. It doesn’t matter how many chickens or cows gather around theJesus Well; nothing can contaminate their water anymore.

This Jesus Well, which will likely last 20 years or longer, meets a dire need for dozens of desperate families. What’s more, every pump of its handle is a reminder of the living water Jesus spoke of in John 4, which He invites everyone to receive.


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    god love us all and if we pray believing we can bring an end to this virus
    sadly it is called corona the crown it is not the crown we posses the crown of victory over death and life so let us all pray the psalm 91 to stop this virus in its tracks if all believers were to bow their heads inprayer and their knees bent in supplication god will in his love and generosity protect the world for at least jus “TEN” good people

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