Sisters of compassion praying for a woman.

Bold Prayers Answered with Miraculous Healing

The lump on Arleta’s breast nearly brought her to her knees. She’d had enough struggles in life, especially since the passing of her husband. Unfortunately, a trip to the doctor confirmed Arleta’s worst fear: The lump was a cancerous tumor. The doctors told her she needed surgery, but Arleta couldn’t afford the procedure. She sought a second opinion, searching for […] Read more »

Sister of Compassion giving medical care to a leprosy patient.

Praying Away the Pain

As Chablis awoke for the day, pain bloomed in her legs. Weighed down by both the pain and exhaustion, the 75-year-old woman slowly rose from her bed. Should she go to the train station today? Or maybe one of the bus stands? But each step Chablis took reminded her how much her wounds hurt. She wasn’t going to make any […] Read more »

Sister of compassion with child.

GFA Sisters of Compassion Provide Health Care to Those in Need on World Health Day

Parts of Asia are home to some of the world’s poorest individuals, as well as some of the world’s most challenging living conditions, making GFA Sisters of Compassion’s work invaluable to those who need it most. The Sisters of Compassion are specifically trained to serve the most impoverished people groups in their regions. Some of the individuals they work with […] Read more »

Sister Khris prayed fervently for healing for Fiala.

God Answers Grandmother’s Cry for Child to Walk

Markeda looked on her 5-year-old granddaughter, Fiala, with pity. Rather than running boisterously as many 5-year-olds do, Fiala was limited to a stationary position, unable to use her legs. Her greatest desire was to see the child walk. Markeda had fervently prayed to her traditional deities, but her devotion waned as Fiala continued in her immobility. Losing Hope for the […] Read more »

The gift of a warm blanket is a life-changing gift for many.

A Widow’s Fight Against the Cold

Sleep eluded Sabela. Every time the 48-year-old widow almost drifted off, the cold wind sliced through her home, rousing her. She couldn’t afford warm clothing or a blanket, and her relatives certainly wouldn’t help her. No matter how many articles of old, threadbare clothing she put on, they proved insufficient to stave off winter’s frigid air. The Struggle of a […] Read more »

Sister of Compassion cleaning a toilet

Sisters of Compassion Clean Toilets to Raise Awareness for World Toilet Day

Clad in white robes lined with a gray stripe across the hem, a group of GFA Sisters of Compassion walked the rural road to one of the schools in their area. Specifically trained to minister to the lowest in society and do the most menial tasks, the specialized women missionaries were ready to teach students about sanitation and do what […] Read more »

Couple with sewing machine

A Little Help in Life

Madchen wasn’t earning enough as a laborer. As hard as she tried, the mother of two couldn’t meet the needs of her family. Madchen struggled to provide for her sons and fix their home—all of which she did alone. Providing for Her Family Madchen’s husband had passed away years ago, leaving her to provide for their two sons alone. Whatever […] Read more »

Matali and the sisters of compassion

Dreams of Motherhood Resurrected

Matali’s hand unconsciously lingered over her flat belly, and tears that were eager to be her morning companion sprang up. Two white saris flitted by outside, catching Matali’s eye. She pushed back her dark thoughts and opened her door to follow the women she watched every day. Miscarriage’s Many Visits to Matali Matali had arrived in this village two years […] Read more »

leprosy patients receive soap

Washing Hands Saves Lives

According to a 2010 report consolidated by the Centers for Disease Control with information from the World Health Organization, 2,195 children die every day from diarrhea—which is more than AIDS, malaria and measles combined. The same report also states diarrheal diseases account for the second-highest cause of death among children under age 5. However, strides have been made to combat […] Read more »

Woman learning to read and write

Mother’s Lifelong Dreams of an Education Become Reality

“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” While GFA-supported Sisters of Compassion don’t teach villagers how to fish, they do teach them something quite necessary to thrive in life: how to read and write. For one mother, this old proverb stands true as the sisters’ lessons are […] Read more »

Cursed by Family, Loved by Strangers

As the World Health Organization notes, leprosy is an ancient disease,[1] but it still rears its ugly head today. Leprosy affects many. In 2017, more than 210,000 new cases were reported in 150 countries.[2] Those who are afflicted know very well of the devastation it causes. They become the outcasts, the exiles and the untouchables. Some are called “cursed” by […] Read more »

Women Missionaries Teach Menstrual Hygiene in Gypsy Colony

As the women missionaries entered the gypsy colony, they could see garbage and waste strewn around and children playing in the filth. As they walked through the colony, their hearts were saddened to see the poor living conditions of the people. The sisters could see a few homes within the colony, but the majority of the people lived in makeshift […] Read more »

Neglected Wife Takes Heat for Husband

Samali felt Ceyone’s forehead. It was hot with fever. For Samali, life couldn’t be much worse. She had already been abandoned by her husband who had left her for a life of crime, she was badly treated by her in-laws, and anxiety for her children’s future filled her heart. Now her eldest son, no older than 5 years old, had […] Read more »