Bold Prayers Answered with Miraculous Healing

Sisters of compassion praying for a woman.
The Sisters of Compassion are dedicated to faithful prayer and compassionate care of their friends and neighbors.

The lump on Arleta’s breast nearly brought her to her knees. She’d had enough struggles in life, especially since the passing of her husband. Unfortunately, a trip to the doctor confirmed Arleta’s worst fear: The lump was a cancerous tumor.

The doctors told her she needed surgery, but Arleta couldn’t afford the procedure. She sought a second opinion, searching for another remedy. She took the prescribed medicines and even observed the religious customs she remembered from her childhood, hoping that would help, but nothing did. The cancer continued cutting a destructive path, stealing Arleta’s health and causing the widow deep anxiety.

As she considered her options, Arleta recognized the grim reality she faced. It would take a miracle. Even if she could borrow the money needed for surgery, Arleta was concerned it wouldn’t get rid of the cancer. Without her husband or her daughter there to help, Arleta was forced to make an important decision alone.

Meeting Compassion

One day Arleta met four GFA Sisters of Compassion who served in her neighborhood. They carried booklets bearing titles like “Book of Hope” and “Amazing Doctor” that shared inspiring stories and encouraging words.

Curious, Arleta asked the Sisters about the booklets. As the women conversed, Arleta shared her battle with cancer and the painful experiences she’d endured.

Through their attentive listening and genuine concern, Arleta found women with whom she could share her fears and worries. The Sisters empathized with Arleta and prayed for the weary woman. They also told her about Jesus and His great power to heal. Arleta was encouraged to hear real stories of people healed by Jesus.

From that day, Arleta’s new friends stopped by her house every week to visit. The lonely woman welcomed the sight of the Sisters walking down the road to her home.

Believing for a Miracle

The women helped Arleta with everyday chores and prayed earnestly for her healing. Arleta began to believe she could be one of the people miraculously healed by Jesus. When she was invited to a weekend of prayer and fasting at the local church, Arleta decided to go. She spent the weekend on her knees, asking Jesus to heal her and believing He would. After the weekend concluded, Arleta continued in her faithful prayers.

Three weeks after the prayer event, Arleta returned to the hospital for a doctor’s visit. She was full of faith Jesus would heal her. But she couldn’t help but wonder what the doctor’s report would show.

When the report returned, Arleta couldn’t contain her joy at the news: The tumor had shrunk! Arleta knew without a doubt Jesus was answering her prayers and miraculously healing her. She couldn’t wait to tell everyone she knew!

Her Sister of Compassion friends continued to pray with her, trusting Jesus for Arleta’s full healing. As she regained strength, Arleta hosted a prayer meeting at her house. She had to thank Jesus for the healing work He was doing in her body. She invited her daughter, neighbors and nearby relatives, sharing with them the good news of her healing.

Everyone who heard Arleta’s story and witnessed her invigorated spirit was amazed. Could this be the same poor, lonely widow for whom life was painful and joyless? Truly, it was a miracle!


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