Women Missionaries Teach Menstrual Hygiene in Gypsy Colony

As the women missionaries entered the gypsy colony, they could see garbage and waste strewn around and children playing in the filth. As they walked through the colony, their hearts were saddened to see the poor living conditions of the people. The sisters could see a few homes within the colony, but the majority of the people lived in makeshift tents made of tarps and blankets.

Going from tent to tent, the women missionaries visited with the women and girls and listened to their stories. One young girl they met shared in tears how her mother had died soon after her youngest sister was born. Though they lived with their grandmother, the responsibility of raising her two sisters had fallen on the oldest girl’s young shoulders. The youngest even called her “mother,” having never known her true mother.

As the sisters listened to this and other stories, they encouraged the women and girls by sharing about God’s love and care for them. They also invited them to a program in recognition of World Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28.

Around 500 women and girls gathered for the program and eagerly listened to the lessons the sisters shared on maintaining hygiene and cleanliness during their menstrual cycles. Many of the girls and women would not properly discard their used sanitary napkins, having never been educated on good menstrual hygiene. But now they were grateful to learn how to care for themselves and expressed an excitement to put into practice what they learned. Some of the women even invited the women missionaries to come back again and teach them more.

The women missionaries were thankful for this opportunity to serve these women and girls. Pray God will help the women who attended the program to lead a good, healthy life.

The women missionaries were grateful for the opportunity to instruct women and girls in the gypsy colony about proper menstrual hygiene.

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  1. Beverley

    Thank you for going where God ask of you to go. To be a blessing to HIS people for HIM.. He says: “What ever you do to the least of these You have done it unto ME, Your Savior.” AMEN

  2. Franck

    Glory be to God for this testimonies, it is amazing

    I pray God will give you the grace to continue

    Pray for me please so that i should become a missionnary

    I want to serve God but i am so timid and i don’t have enough wisdom and knowledge

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