Samuel Finds Healing in Body, Soul and Spirit

The lord heals more than just our physical needs.
After enduring paralysis, a hydrocele and rejection, Samuel (not pictured) has found lasting healing in body, spirit and soul through Jesus.

Samuel was at the end of his rope. He couldn’t believe he was facing illness yet again. Why was this happening to him? Why did he have to endure more physical suffering? Even his friends were taunting him, saying it was his fault for not worshiping the native gods as fervently as he once did. He had nowhere to turn . . . again.

Help of a Relative

Samuel and his wife lived in a small village that was without access to proper medical care and sanitation, which complicated the lives of all villagers. Samuel had suffered from paralysis for the past two years and had tried everything to be cured: medications, alternative therapies and even a witch doctor. They spent a great deal of money in the process, but nothing had worked.

When Samuel’s relative Efrem, who was a migrant worker and a Christian, returned home and learned about Samuel’s condition, he immediately visited Samuel. He saw the terrible condition his relative was in and heard that nothing else had worked for him. Efrem knew Samuel needed a miracle, and he knew where his relative could find one.

The Power of Prayer

Samuel was reluctant to accept Efrem’s invitation to attend his church for prayer, but he had no other options. Once inside the church, he met Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Mabili, who shared with him Jesus’ love. Pastor Mabili prayed earnestly day after day for Samuel’s healing—setting aside special time during the day to intercede specifically for him. Over time, through the diligent prayers of Pastor Mabili and Efrem, the Lord healed Samuel of his paralysis. Samuel was amazed by this miracle!

Grateful and wanting to learn more about the God who healed him when nothing else did, Samuel joined Efrem in worshiping the Lord, but his interest in the living God soon waned after his friends turned their backs on him. They spoke negatively of Samuel’s interest in Jesus; the rejection of his friends and fellow villagers was too much for Samuel to bear.

Healing of Body, Soul and Spirit

Just two months later, however, Samuel was afflicted with a hydroceele, a painful swelling in his scrotum. This time, Samuel had to endure the scorn of the villagers.

“You go and pray and let us see how your God will help you,” they mocked.

Samuel was in pain—both physically and emotionally—and once again in need of healing. Even though Samuel felt alone, he wasn’t.

Once again, Samuel found himself sitting beside Efrem in the house of God, waiting for another miracle. Pastor Mabili prayed for the man’s healing and counseled him with truths from Scripture. He also visited Samuel in his home every Wednesday and Saturday, providing prayer and encouragement. Strengthened in heart and mind, Samuel attended worship services every week and formed friendships with many of the believers. Gradually, God answered the prayers for Samuel, and once again healed him of his condition. But this second healing brought with it more than just healing of body.

Through the love of Christ and the connection with other believers, Samuel found healing from rejection, hopelessness, loneliness and despair. Samuel had been healed twice in his body, and was now experiencing wholeness in body, soul and spirit.

Seeing this miracle in his life, Samuel realized Jesus Christ was the real God worth living for, even though his friends and fellow villagers had scorned him.

Today, Samuel is a living testimony of God’s power to heal, His compassion and His mercy.


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