Gifts for Children with HIV

GFA Workers giving clothes for Children with HIV
Reijo receives clothing for the children absent the day of distribution.

Deep in the Himalayan mountains, there is a small village with an orphanage that cares for children living with congenital HIV. Reijo, a local, established the orphanage in 2011 with the hope of providing a safe haven for children who have been shunned, discriminated against and not allowed to attend school because of the stigma associated with the disease. More than 29 children call the orphanage home.

Sharing Christ’s Love Through Winter Clothing

On World AIDS Day in December 2019, Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastors Lesharo and Bunim and a Women’s Fellowship leader, Saidah, visited the orphanage to share Christ’s love and give each child winter clothing items.

“I have a desire to live in my own village like others,” said Bohdan, a child at the orphanage, “but I cannot live there because I have no parents, and no one wants to keep me in the village—even my own uncle—due to my disease. I am happy because I have gotten parents’ love from my teachers in this home. And today I am so happy and thankful to you all for providing winter clothes.”

People like Reijo, Saidah and pastors Lesharo and Bunim are helping these children know how much they are loved through simple gifts that will keep them warm in the cold winter months.

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