Gospel literature

How a Booklet Came to Marial’s Rescue

After heavy winds collapsed her roof, Marial had no means to purchase the tin sheets needed to repair it. As a result, her home was a poor source of shelter from the winds and rains. When stormy weather returned, Marial was left exposed to the harsh elements. Despair wound its way into Marial’s heart as she surveyed her situation. The […] Read more »

literacy classes help women learn to read and write, as well as teach their family.

Gabija’s Journey from Shame to Sharing God’s Love

Gabija’s eyes darted from side to side, her shoulders tense. She observed the people surrounding her, heads immersed in God’s Word, and was well aware that everyone inside the church knew how to read and write . . . except her. She tried to concentrate on what the pastor was saying, but she couldn’t ignore her overwhelming desire to read […] Read more »

Having the bible in their own language is such a blessing to many in remote villages.

Woman’s Illiteracy Prompts Her to Skip Church

It had been months since Kutal walked through the doors of her church. GFA pastor Balo noticed her absence and wondered what kept the woman from coming. He and a group of believers from the church visited Kutal, listening with surprise as she explained her reason for skipping church. Every Sunday, Pastor Balo chose someone in the congregation to read […] Read more »

family can now read and write thanks to literacy programs

Literacy Classes Introduce Family to Jesus

Karpoor watched as dozens of his fellow tea garden workers plucked leaves under the blazing sun. The 40-year-old father of five saw, scattered amongst the verdant bushes, children of various ages working alongside their parents. Too poor to afford school, their children ran around the village or helped pick tea leaves. But Karpoor wanted more for his children; he wanted […] Read more »

woman receives literacy training through GFA

Literacy Opens Business Opportunities For Woman

Was this the bus Preshti needed? Or was it that one? Visiting her mother in another city always proved to be a challenge for the 45-year-old mother of four. She couldn’t read the signs. Growing Up Illiterate Preshti was among the two-thirds of women in her area who are illiterate. Growing up, Preshti was not able to attend school because […] Read more »

Bodhi now knows how to read and write

Village Learns to Value Education

Kuvira, Sabeena, Aamaal and Binita walked along the dirt road flanked by lush landscape that seemed to embrace them, inviting the four ladies to continue down to the village nestled near the river that flowed just beyond. As the women stepped into the village, however, the welcome feeling vanished. An Unwelcome Entrance The GFA-supported Sisters of Compassion team, clad in […] Read more »

Woman learning to read and write

Mother’s Lifelong Dreams of an Education Become Reality

“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” While GFA-supported Sisters of Compassion don’t teach villagers how to fish, they do teach them something quite necessary to thrive in life: how to read and write. For one mother, this old proverb stands true as the sisters’ lessons are […] Read more »

Illiteracy in Asia

Finally Achieving Her Buried Ambition

Tourists flocked to Shanti’s city year after year, enchanted by the snowcapped mountains reflected in a glassy lake. But while visitors dreamt of living in her beautiful city, Shanti lived in a fog of depression and frustration, weary of suppressing her lifelong desire. Girl Kept Home from School During Shanti’s childhood, most parents in her community believed sending girls to […] Read more »

How a Young Woman Unlocked the Greatest Treasure

Below is the story of how a GFA-supported literacy class impacted the life of Soorat, 22. I have a father, mother, one sister and two younger brothers. My father is a laborer, and my mother is a housewife. Due to financial difficulty, I was not able to go to school. I was involved in household chores. My father was a […] Read more »