An Uncle’s Love for His Niece

Despite the odds against her, Kanya now thrives in her GFA Bridge of Hope center.
Despite the odds against her, Kanya now thrives in her GFA Bridge of Hope center.

Kanya was only 2 years old when she and her mother went to live with her uncle and his family. Her parents had divorced after a tumultuous marriage filled with disunity, misunderstandings and fights.

Kanya’s father then ran off with another woman while her mother, Bhabesh, struggled to take care of her little girl. Even though Bhabesh had the shelter of her brother’s home, she still worked hard to provide for Kanya. She tried to make sure her daughter would have a good education, one that would give Kanya a future that was better than what she had known. But three years later, Kanya’s mother passed away, leaving her uncle, Ramith, to become the primary caretaker of little Kanya.

Ramith already had a wife and children of his own to provide for; having another mouth to feed wasn’t easy on the finances, but he loved his little niece as if she was his own.

When Kanya got sick with malaria, Ramith distressed over how to get her the medical attention she needed. He couldn’t take her to a hospital because there wasn’t enough money, so he brought her to a local herbal doctor.

Kanya drank the medicine prepared with different leaves and herbs and began to gradually feel better. But she remained fatigued and weak…until Bridge of Hope staff prayed for her.

When the staff at the local GFA Bridge of Hope center found out about Kanya’s condition, they went to visit the family and offer encouragement in Christ. After they prayed, Kanya received complete healing from the lingering weakness she was experiencing. Her uncle was so grateful for their prayers. He shared his niece’s sad story with the Bridge of Hope staff and asked if they could enroll her in their center so she could get an education, like her mother had hoped. So they did.

When Kanya started attending, the staff noticed how she struggled in both her studies and her interactions with the other children. She mostly kept to herself, but the Lord continually worked in Kanya’s life through the help and encouragement of the Bridge of Hope staff and teachers.

“Now, by the grace of God,” said a GFA field correspondent, “Kanya has improved and transformed in every aspect of her personal life. She is doing well and is developing unique skills physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.”

Ramith continues to watch his niece grow, appreciative of the role Bridge of Hope has in helping provide for her needs.

“Although Kanya had faced struggles and seemed confined to a desperate life and dead end,” the field correspondent said, “God had other plans for her life.”

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