Using Shampoo for the First Time

Some hygienic items Bridge of Hope students receive—including shampoo.
Some hygienic items Bridge of Hope students receive—including shampoo.

Tears of thankfulness welled up in little Ayaan’s eyes as he held his new gift in his hand. It was a bottle of shampoo, something Ayaan had never used before. The Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope staff at his center had given him a little bottle to keep up his hygiene.

Ayaan used to go to school with matted hair, worn-out clothes and no shoes on his feet. His skinny, fragile body reinforced the evidence of his poverty.

His parents owned and farmed a piece of land, planting vegetables. But because of water shortages, they weren’t able to maintain it properly. Ayaan and his family desperately struggled financially.

His father couldn’t find a good-paying job anywhere nearby, so he traveled south to the next state for months at a time to earn a living. Still they suffered greatly. There were times when Ayaan and his family would go without food, and the malnutrition took its toll on Ayaan: His eyesight weakened, especially at night.

When the staff at the local GFA Bridge of Hope center heard about Ayaan’s situation, they enrolled him in the center. They treated his eye problem and fed him healthy food for his nourishment. He was also given a school uniform, shoes, books, winter clothes, hygiene materials and many other provisions necessary for his studies and a better life.

Ayaan’s family was grateful to the Lord for the help they received from Bridge of Hope staff in taking care of their child. Since attending Bridge of Hope, Ayaan’s life has taken a 180-degree turn for the better. He participates in all the Bridge of Hope activities. He respects and honors his teachers, elders and parents. He prays daily for his family and is so thankful to God for all He has done in his life through Bridge of Hope.

“There is a future hope one can see in his face,” the correspondent said.

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