Leaving Behind His Mischievous Ways

Before enrolling in a Bridge of Hope center, Uday was a mischievous little kid.
Before enrolling in a Bridge of Hope center, Uday was a mischievous little kid.

Little Uday watched his father waste away his own life with drugs, alcohol and gambling. The family’s money went to fund his father’s addictions—until he walked out, leaving Uday’s mother struggling to take care of the family.

She worked every day from morning ‘til night, hoping to earn enough to give Uday and his little brother a good education.

The boys studied at a government school and learned how to read and write, but Uday was a mischievous little kid. Sometimes he would skip school, and other times he’d neglect to do his homework. Seeing these bad habits develop, Uday’s mother enrolled him in a Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope center.

Once he started attending the center, Uday began faithfully going to his classes at school. His character began to change as he learned Scripture and listened to Bible stories.

After enrolling in a Bridge of Hope center, Uday is growing more and more into the image of Christ.

“Now he gained God’s wisdom and knowledge, became very good in his studies and is one of the best students in Bridge of Hope,” said a GFA field correspondent. “The center is very proud to see the changes in his life.”

Uday’s mother was also overjoyed to see her son’s transformation.

“She praises God and all the Bridge of Hope staff,” the correspondent said. “She said many broken and scattered families are getting tremendous support and finding solutions to their problems and tensions through the center.”

With Bridge of Hope’s help, little Uday no longer gets into trouble but leads a life drawing closer to the heart of his Maker.

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