Opportunity for Little Scholars

Parents gatheringIn a rural village of South Asia, 100 people gathered to celebrate a future for their children, who would likely be roaming the streets if it hadn’t been for the Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope center in their community.

The guests included parents, village leaders and Bridge of Hope staff—each one eager to see the children learn and succeed. The children performed cultural songs and programs for their special audience.

One of the parents explained how much Bridge of Hope means for his family.

“This is a privilege for our children to have such opportunities to get enrolled in the Bridge of Hope center, which is giving free tuition and meets all the basic needs of our children,” he said.

“It is only because of Bridge of Hope that we are sending our child to school—otherwise, we had planned to stop our child’s education due to financial struggles.”

The Bridge of Hope staff members rejoiced that they had the opportunity to make such a difference for these children, serving as a channel of God’s love that will impact little lives for years to come.

What is GFA’s Bridge of Hope program?


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  1. S.Lewis says:

    This is Most Praiseworthy! PRAISES TO BRIDGE OF HOPE CENTER!

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