Hope Soars for Fatherless Children

BOH KidMore than 700 people gathered to witness the historical event, hope and excitement emanating from each atendee. The 100 new students were filled with joy as they witnessed the opening of the first Bridge of Hope center on their island.

An Island Marked by Sorrow

The island is unique, filled with widows and their children, most having lost a husband or a father to a tiger attack. In this part of South Asia, 50 men are killed by tigers every year, leaving their widows and children in a desperate fight to survive.

Gospel for Asia began work with the widows in 2008, and their ministry has now expanded to meet the needs of the children as well.

Welcomed with Joy

As the crowd moved to a nearby school to accommodate the unexpectedly large number of attendees, each child carried a different sign with sayings like “No More Tears,” “Born to Fly,” “Bridge of Hope Will Set Us Free” and “BOH Is a God-Sent Blessing”.

These children now have an opportunity to hear about the love of Jesus, receive a warm meal each day and grow in their education. Instead of a bleak future, their world is now flooded with potential and possibility. Many leaders in the community also expressed their appreciation for Bridge of Hope, promising to help in any way possible.

Many More Children Wait for Their Turn

Among the 700 in attendance were more than 300 poor and needy children who hope for the day when they, too, might be able to enroll in a Bridge of Hope center. One young boy asked with tears, “Uncle, can I also join Bridge of Hope?”

Please pray that all these children might soon hear of their Father’s love for them.

See how God uses Bridge of Hope to transform the lives of children.


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