Out with the Old and In with the New

Sewing MachineThe hum of the motor stopped suddenly but Laranya wasn’t surprised. The old sewing machine often broke down, causing the seamstress to lose precious hours of work. Stitching clothes for others was her small family’s only source of income. Laranya had been left alone to take care of her two children after her husband died a few years earlier in an electrical accident. A reliable sewing machine would mean survival.

One day, another villager shared Laranya’s predicament with a staff member at the local Bridge of Hope center. Uttam, the Bridge of Hope coordinator in Laranya’s village, wanted to help, so he visited her family’s home. When Laranya told Uttam her story, he knew of a way to help.

Hope Makes a Difference

Today, Laranya stitches on a brand new machine given to her through Gospel for Asia’s gift distribution program. She works hard to use this gift well.

“Before, I was earning only a little amount in a day,” Laranya explained. “But after receiving this new machine, I am able to earn more money.”

This was not the end of God’s provision for Laranya. Her two children are now enrolled in a Bridge of Hope center and are receiving an education. As Uttam and a local pastor continue to visit Laranya, encouraging her from the Word, she shares her gratefulness to God and has only one more request: “God bless all the people who have supported me.”

See how one sewing machine can change an entire village.


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