Drunk Dad, Depressed Daughter

ReshmiReshmi’s nights were filled with the drunken ranting of her father. Employed as a daily laborer, Vachan worked hard for his money, but he spent it on alcohol. Instead of providing for his family, Vachan only caused them stress through his frequent stupors. Reshmi was depressed by the whole routine.

The Power of Prayer

During this time, Reshmi was enrolled in a Bridge of Hope center. Surrounded by the staff’s love, Reshmi’s heart softened and she told them about the struggles at home. The BOH staff responded by praying for her family and teaching Reshmi how to pray, explaining that Jesus can solve her problems.

Reshmi began to spend time in prayer and reading God’s Word. She watched in amazement as her father gradually overcame his drinking habit.

“Earlier I prayed to my deities for peace at home,” Reshmi said, “but they failed to answer my prayers. But I received answers in the name of Jesus. My father has stopped drinking, and there is peace at home.”

It encouraged her faith and emboldened her to ask for something else from God.

Dreaming of Greater Things

Seeing how God answered her first prayer, Reshmi dared to ask God for another miracle. Would He bring her entire family to know His love? She faithfully prayed and God again answered. Reshmi’s entire family embraced Jesus’ love. Now they come to church and are growing in the Lord.

Reshmi’s dreams have not stopped there. The 15 year old plans to become a teacher so she can have the same kind of impact her teachers had on her.

See how Bridge of Hope is making a difference.


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