Rickshaw Helps Father Fight Off Hunger

Man pictured with his family and the rickshaw he was given from GFA World.
Sivero (pictured, right), thanks to his new rickshaw, can bring in enough money to properly feed his family.

Sivero ignored the gnawing hunger assailing his stomach; there was not much he could do about it. No matter how hard he worked, the father of two could not bring in enough money to keep him and his family fed consistently.

An Open Door to Future Blessing

When staff from GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program came to Sivero’s community seeking ways to help children in need, Sivero enrolled his daughter and son in the program. Through the program, Sivero’s children would receive the tutoring, guidance and nutrition they needed to thrive; something that Sivero wanted for them but could not provide on his own.

Seeing his children obtain what they needed—especially nutritious food to fill their bellies—helped alleviate the burden that had weighed on the father’s shoulders. But that wasn’t the only assistance Sivero and his family received.

Given the Means to Survive

Child sponsorship staff also look for practical ways to help families—especially impoverished ones like Siveros’s—break free from the chains of poverty. Seeing the needs of Sivero and his family, the child sponsorship program staff presented the father with a rickshaw at a GFA Christmas gift distribution.

Now, with a rickshaw of his very own, Sivero could earn enough money to take care of his family, and they wouldn’t have to go to bed with empty stomachs.

“I have not [just] received a rickshaw, I have received hope for my future life,” Sivero said. “For my children and for my life, this rickshaw is a great hope through which we can continue our lives.”


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