Given Tools, Boy Thrives

Sven, a child in GFA World's Child Sponsorship Program and his family
Sven, pictured with his family, is happy to be a part of the child sponsorship program, which is fueling his growth in both life and mind.

Many feelings occupied Saelig’s and Dalora’s hearts, foremost of which might have been helplessness. They wanted their young son, Sven, to succeed in his education and perhaps attain something better than what they had. But despite the hard work Sven put in, it seemed impossible—or at least improbable—without the tools Sven needed to succeed.

The Desire to See Him Succeed

Saelig worked as a daily laborer, and the money he earned provided food and shelter for Sven, Dalora and Sven’s two sisters. But the money Saelig earned wasn’t enough to properly support Sven in his studies. Saelig and Dalora couldn’t afford the necessary school supplies or extra tutoring Sven needed.

One day, visitors came to Saelig and Dalora’s home. They introduced themselves as staff from GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program. They had learned of the family’s plight and possessed a solution.

The workers explained they could enroll Sven in the sponsorship program. There, he could receive all the support he needed in his studies. It appeared to be an opportunity Sven’s parents could not miss.

The Transformation

When Sven first began attending the program, the program staff saw a little boy covered in dirt with no clean clothes to wear—a stark reminder of his family’s poverty. But Sven was willing to learn, keen to absorb every bit of information and guidance the staff would provide him.

First, the staff taught young Sven proper hygiene. They taught him the importance of washing one’s hands and staying clean; cleanliness was one of the greatest deterrents against infectious diseases. What supplies Sven and his family couldn’t afford, the program provided, whether it was soap, school supplies or clean uniforms. The staff also aided Sven in his lessons, tutoring him for free.

As the years passed, Sven grew into a studious boy. Sven was earning top marks in every subject, thanks to the guidance and encouragement he received from the Gospel for Asia (GFA) program staff.

Whenever the workers visited his home, Sven’s parents thanked them profusely.

Because of the staff’s support, Saelig and Dalora said, they worried less about Sven’s future. They thanked the staff for helping bring their child into the light.

Through the guidance and encouragement given him by the program staff, Sven has the tools and foundation with which to grow and flourish. A bright future is his to claim.

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