Cow Helps Family Remove Yoke of Debt

woman pictured beside two cows she received from GFA World.
Mabli, pictured here with two of the five cows, sold the milk her cows produced to lift herself and her family out of poverty.

The last four years had been somewhat of a whirlwind for Mabli. Through the faith-filled ministry of local Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Danil, the middle-aged mother of five had experienced the healing of her family from sickness, embraced the love of Christ in her life and seen her husband, Daleton, transformed by that same love. However, poverty—seemingly constant in her life—still had a grip on her family. But that was about to change.

An Open Door to a Better Tomorrow

In the four years Pastor Danil had ministered to Mabli and Daleton, he had borne witness to the destitution afflicting them. The family couldn’t afford to clothe themselves. All their earnings had gone toward keeping the family alive for another day, and debt owed to others loomed over them. Pastor Danil resolved to change that, and eventually the opportunity came.

One day, Mabli and Daleton received an invitation to a gift distribution organized by Pastor Danil. With it came news that they may not have expected: They were to receive a buffalo.

For some time, the buffalo benefitted the family, but then an even greater opportunity presented itself. Mabli and Daleton sold the buffalo and, using the earnings, purchased a cow.

The cow gave birth soon after they purchased it. This was the opportunity Mabli and Daleton were waiting for. The cow produced plentiful milk, which the couple could sell, providing a secure source of income, but the blessings did not stop there.

The Foundation for Future Blessing

As time progressed, the Lord further blessed the family with three more cows, one of which also produced milk. Both milk-producing cows netted Mabli and Daleton around 6 gallons of milk a day. Because of the earnings from the milk, poverty no longer threatened the family.

Mabli and Daleton could now properly feed and clothe themselves and their children; they paid off their debt in its entirety. In fact, if anyone they knew needed monetary help, Mabli and Daleton helped them, in the hopes that the recipients might experience the same love and help that the couple had received. Wherever they go, the family shares of God’s blessings and love in their life, hoping to touch others’ lives with their story.


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