Dancing Mom, Alone Daughter

While Saima danced in color and fame for the crowds to put food on the family table, her 9-year-old daughter, Raizel, was left alone at home. After Saima’s husband died from alcohol addiction, she had no way to provide for her family. She found meeting the needs of her three daughters to be a heavy load to bear by herself. […] Read more »

Boy finds heart of gratitude

Bitterness Becomes Gratitude

Dirty, tattered clothes hung loosely over Kaling’s malnourished frame—poverty’s mark marred his appearance in many ways. Yet Kaling felt even more forlorn on the inside than he looked outwardly: Bitterness and insecurity churned in his young heart. Death took his father when Kaling was only 5 years old. With no father, the burden of providing for the family fell heavily […] Read more »

Grandparents in Asia raise grandson

Raising Grade-schoolers at 70 Years Old

Arvan’s son caused many arguments and severely troubled the family through his alcohol addiction and subsequent illnesses, but his death only brought more misery. Arvan watched his widowed daughter-in-law discard her responsibilities, leaving her three sons behind to start a new life with another man. How was Arvan, at 70 years old, supposed to provide for his grandsons? Grandparents Labor […] Read more »

Shy child grows in confidence

Special Love for a Withdrawn Child

Sumit stretched his hands out over the sick boy, fervently asking Jesus to heal Niral. During the past two years, Sumit had grown to love the child, and his heart cried out to God on Niral’s behalf. Teacher Invests in Shy Child When Sumit, a social worker serving at a Gospel for Asia-supported Bridge of Hope center, first met Niral […] Read more »

Slum children receiving education

Landlord Encourages Ministry Among Slum Children

Pravita, Esther and Sandi held their breath as they waited for their landlord to speak. If he still wanted them to leave their rented home, the three women would likely have to move to another part of the slum, far away from the slum children they ministered to and loved so dearly. Living and Serving Among Slum Dwellers Pravita, Esther […] Read more »

Orphaned child finds a home

Drugs, Cancer Took His Parents but Not His Hope

Tears rushed down Sam’s cheeks. His mother had succumbed to cancer, leaving the 6-year-old alone in the world. Soon, Sam’s father sent a message from prison—would someone please help his son? Family Ravaged by Self-indulgence and Illness Sam’s father, Afiba, left Nigeria to find work in Asia several years ago. He married, found a stable job and soon welcomed Sam […] Read more »

Gospel literature helps alcoholic father

The Paper by His Father’s Pillow

Rajiv’s family was broken, torn apart by destructive alcohol addictions. The beginning to his parents’ story looked similar to the stories of countless other families in Asia, but 9-year-old Rajiv wondered if his family’s story could end differently . . . if only he could muster up enough courage to act. Alcohol Drives Mother Away Rajiv’s father, Jomo, drank heavily. […] Read more »

Bridge of Hope helps poor boy receive education

Timid Boy Now Aspires to Serve His Country

If you had met Ratan 11 years ago, you would have seen a skinny 5-year-old boy who had no friends. He would likely have been too shy to speak to you. You might have even noticed a slight scowl on his forehead indicating the headaches, fever and joint pain his young body frequently suffered. If the rest of Ratan’s life […] Read more »


A Time to Mourn, a Time to Dance

People sat transfixed together in front of the young man whose feet danced so brilliantly in time with the music of the guitar-like sitar. Only a few years earlier, Natraj could not have dreamed he would one day perform as a classical dancer in competitions across the country. Mother Struggles to Provide Growing up, Natraj and his little sister, Eila, […] Read more »

Through Gospel for Asia's Bridge of Hope program, Asha has received a good education.

The Child Who Didn’t Get Married

Asha didn’t see the purpose in going to school. She thought it was just a waste of time—so did her parents. Asha knew she’d likely be married soon after she turned 10, like many girls in her community. Her life thereafter would be devoted to household chores and taking care of her family. What was the point in learning to […] Read more »

In South Asia, VBS helps introduce the Savior's love to children who may never have heard about Jesus before.

More than 800 Kids Learn About the True Hero at VBS

In the U.S., March might seem a little early to start thinking about Vacation Bible School. In South Asia, churches led by Gospel for Asia-supported pastors often hold VBS programs in March and April, but VBS can happen any time of year. Last year, in one region, 26 churches led by Gospel for Asia-supported pastors held Vacation Bible School programs […] Read more »

God often touches children's hearts through Vacation Bible School

VBS Touches the Heart of Teenage Rebel

Twenty children gathered for Vacation Bible School. Pastor Emet had planned many fun and educational activities for them, including action songs, teaching sessions and Scripture memory lessons. The pastor opened by praying for the Lord’s blessing over the three-day event. Fifteen-year-old Nirmanyu was one of the children in attendance, but he didn’t expect to get much out of what Pastor […] Read more »

While helping students excel academically, Bridge of Hope often helps students find their talents and abilities. a

Disaster Traps Family, Bridge of Hope Offers Way Out

Moving homes is often stressful, but for Sashmita and her family, moving wasn’t just a challenge; it was a painful hardship that threatened to ruin their chances for future success. They moved because they had lost all their property in a flood. Already poor, Sashmita’s parents struggled to get back on their feet and provide for their three children. But […] Read more »

He Answers Our Prayers

In a feverish voice, Tina called out to her parents. “Please pray for me to the Lord so I may get cured,” she said. Her parents had been doing everything they could to help their only daughter. They offered many sacrifices to their gods and goddesses, but their precious girl was slipping away from them. In the midst of her […] Read more »


The Lord Had Different Plans

One question kept playing over in Lalli’s mind: How would she provide for her family now that her husband was dead? When he was living, the little money he didn’t spend on alcohol helped them stay alive, but now, how would Lalli, as a housewife, fill her children’s hungry stomachs? Lalli fell into an emotional puddle as she tried to […] Read more »