Hundreds Line Up to Receive Free Medical Exams

Free medical camp at BOH center
A doctor checks a patient’s blood pressure at a medical camp organized at a Bridge of Hope center.

GFA World’s Bridge of Hope Program is designed to support young students as they grow into adulthood. The program provides free educational tutoring, school supplies, clothing and a hot meal—which their families might not be able to afford otherwise. It also assists children and their families by providing personal hygiene resources and medical checkups.

One Bridge of Hope center hosted a medical camp before the pandemic, during which more than 450 people received free health care in a single day.

A Day of Doctors’ Visits

At 9:30 a.m., six doctors and two pharmacists began seeing patients. Bridge of Hope students lined up with their parents and neighbors to see the medical professionals for various ailments and health checkups.

For the next seven and a half hours, the doctors examined the villagers and prescribed medicines, while the pharmacists assisted in administering medication. The medical staff graciously volunteered their time to treat conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, cataracts, high cholesterol, skin rashes and vitamin deficiencies. Doctors also provided medical care for patients wrestling with heart and lung problems.

Top: Bridge of Hope staff help medical professionals hand out prescribed medications.
Bottom: Bridge of Hope students and their families wait for a chance to see a doctor during a medical camp.

Bridge of Hope staff were on hand throughout the day to assist the medical staff and to help keep the camp running smoothly.

Events such as medical camps are a welcome blessing for Bridge of Hope students and their communities. Many of the students at this center have parents employed on tea estates and who work long hours each day to earn just enough money for the family’s needs for that day. Nutritious meals and the costs of remedying unexpected health issues are often more than a family can afford.

The day was a whirlwind for everyone involved as 100 students and their families, as well as others from the community, cycled through the camp receiving health care advice and appropriate medications. As the camp concluded at 5 p.m., a Bridge of Hope staff member offered a prayer of thanksgiving for the day’s success.

The satisfaction of helping to provide for the community’s health needs was well worth the busy day at the medical camp.


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