Gift of Coat Eases Father’s Burden

Bridge of Hope provided these girls with some winter coats.
Amora (left) stands with friends from Bridge of Hope, sporting their new winter jackets. Thanks to this gift, Amora didn’t have to wait years to receive a new coat.

Shivering from the cold, Amora pulled her worn jacket closer. She had hoped it would shelter her chilled body, but it had long lost its warmth.

In a family of eight children, six of whom still lived at home, Amora often had to wait years for a new coat. Daxton, Amora’s father, knew his children needed new winter coats, but he could only afford to buy one jacket per year. The meager pay he earned as a daily wage laborer simply wasn’t enough to fulfill the desires of all his children at once.

Not only did Daxton work tirelessly to provide for his family’s basic needs, he also shouldered the additional cost of purchasing school supplies to supplement each child’s education. When Daxton was unable to purchase all the supplies his children needed, they struggled to keep up with their studies. Amora fell behind.

Recognizing she needed personalized help with her studies, Daxton and his wife enrolled Amora in the local Gospel for Asia (GFA) Bridge of Hope center.

Help Comes from After-school Program

Soon after her enrollment, Amora benefitted from the after-school tutoring she received at Bridge of Hope, which catered to her specific needs. Her studies improved, and the gifts she received from Bridge of Hope, such as school supplies, also helped her to stay caught up in her classes.

But there was one other gift Amora received that was extra special: a bright red, insulated winter jacket that would keep her warm!

Thanks to the gift, Bridge of Hope helped ease Daxton’s burden. He had one less coat to buy and one more child prepared for winter.

“I was unable to buy eight jackets at a time,” Daxton humbly admitted. “But Bridge of Hope provided one jacket for my daughter, [and] that made me happy. I have also been helped in my need. Thanks to the staff at Bridge of Hope.”

Because someone gave to GFA World, Amora no longer shivers in the winter whenever she is outside. She has the protection and warmth she needs. You can provide warm winter clothing to someone in Asia and be the answer to their need.


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