Widow Receives Unexpected Gift of Warmth

The simple gift of blankets can change lives.
Kacia clutches her new blanket, thankful for the love and care she was shown by the church.

Kacia’s house wasn’t much, but it was hers. Built with bamboo and topped by thatch, the hut served as home to the 42-year-old and her 14-year-old daughter. It provided ample shade to beat the mild summer heat, but during winter, it barely shielded the mother and daughter from the biting winds. What could they do to brave the weather and survive?

Fight for Survival

Kacia’s husband passed away many years ago from an unknown illness, and her son succumbed to cancer sometime later. Already facing extreme poverty, the burden of earning a livelihood had now fallen to Kacia. Widows typically depend on the charity of their husband’s relatives to survive, but no one helped Kacia.[1]

Kacia did what she could to ensure her survival and that of her daughter. She sold chopped firewood and homemade wine to earn some money to live on and put her daughter through school, but she couldn’t spare a cent for winter clothing, although she and her daughter desperately needed it.

One day, Kacia received a visit from Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Belden, who knew of the widow’s struggles. This wasn’t the first time he’d visited, sharing God’s love or an encouraging word. This time, however, Pastor Belden was there to invite Kacia to an upcoming gift distribution.

Blessed with Comfort, Warmth

At the distribution, Kacia saw men and women sitting in neat rows, all patiently waiting for the event to begin. As the widow’s gaze swept around, a table near the front caught her eye. Stacked in an orderly pile were dozens of beautiful, warm blankets. The warmth they could provide would be beneficial during the colder months, helping to stave off sickness and pain brought by winter. What if she could own one?

One by one, a member of the crowd’s name was called out, and one by one, a blanket was handed over with a smile. Then Kacia’s name was called. She could hardly believe her ears. She was to get a blanket, too?

Kacia never thought she would receive a blanket, especially from the church. But Pastor Belden had shown her love and care, despite her status as a widow.

“I am extremely happy to receive this beautiful blanket,” Kacia said. “For the first time, I have received this kind gift in my life.”


During the winter season, GFA workers bless those less fortunate with a blanket or a winter clothing packet. You can help provide warmth to someone in need, too.


[1] “International Widows’ Day.” United Nations. 10 November 2020. https://www.un.org/en/observances/widows-day

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