Looking for Peace in All the Wrong Places

God found met this widow where she was even when she searched elsewhere
Despite the devastating loss she experienced, Samai (pictured) now rejoices in the peace she has received from God.

Samai and her husband were blessed with three sons and two daughters. Her two daughters were well married; Samai was in good health; her needs were met; and life went along smoothly.

That was before tragedy struck and her world spiraled out of control. What little peace she held was stripped from her grasp.

Tragedy’s Devastating Blow

One evening, the family received devastating news that Samai’s eldest son had been killed instantly in an accident. The loss left the family reeling in deep grief.

Then, a few years later, when a conflict escalated, someone poisoned Samai’s second son’s food, killing him. Once again, the family was thrown into shock and mourning. Their lives, previously uneventful, were suddenly upended by the reality of death and their lack of control in life.

For Samai’s husband, the loss was too great. He could not bear the turmoil. Finding no answers for the family’s anguish and no hope for peace in midst of the chaos, he decided to take his own life.

Samai, now a 65-year-old widow was left behind to recommence the grieving process. When would it end?

Samai had just one son left, but a few months later death took him also.

Losing one child was difficult; losing three sons and her husband was unbearable.

Samai became fearful—life seemed to vanish so easily. Was life worth living? She was depressed and all alone.

Samai’s daughters and relatives tried to comfort her; her daughters even welcomed her into their homes. But Samai could not be comforted. After spending some time living with her daughters, she returned home. The widow remained lost in fear and worry, carrying the immense weight of a heart broken four times.

Attempts to Assuage Depression, Loneliness

Seeing her lethargic state, a relative suggested Samai try a particular spiritual movement; it would at least ease her loneliness. She attended meetings and worshiped the movement’s leader, but it did not bring her the peace she was looking for. Instead, Samai experienced severe stomachaches and urine infections. At night terrible dreams heightened her fear and stole her sleep.

Samai added her worsened health to her list of sorrows. Her spirits sank lower as despair seemed to take up permanent residence.

A Better Solution

One day, a friend invited Samai to a worship service held by Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Ibraheem. With her friend’s promise that Pastor Ibraheem would pray for God to fill her with peace, Samai decided to attend. She was desperate for anything that might ease the pain in her heart and the worries on her mind.

After the service, Pastor Ibraheem asked God to replace Samai’s worries, nightmares and fears with peace.

Soon after, the pastor and his wife regularly visited Samai to pray for and encourage her from God’s Word. Samai began to enjoy restful sleep and relief from the terrorizing dreams.

“After the death of my three sons and husband, I was totally broken and had no peace,” Samai said. “I also did not want to live, but after knowing Jesus Christ, I learned to live.”

Samai decided to follow this God who could truly provide for her needs and bring peace to her soul.


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