On the Right ‘Tract’

This boy has hope now thanks to the gifts from GFA
Sandun’s faith and courage inspired healing for his condition, and wholeness for his entire family.

Seventeen-year-old Sandun lived with his family in a small village on the southeastern coast of Sri Lanka. His father, Pasindu, a fisherman, worked hard to provide for his family. Sandun felt very lucky: His family had everything they needed; his father didn’t smoke or drink alcohol like many of the other fishermen; and he and his siblings were getting a good education in school and at home. Sandun loved his life and his family. But when a difficult diagnosis arrived, Sandun needed both healing and hope.

Learning About Jesus

Although Sandun had been in good health his entire life, he had developed breathing problems diagnosed as asthma, a common condition in the region due to the heat, humidity and dust clouds. Sandun took the medications prescribed for him for close to a year, but they only mildly helped.

One day, while Sandun and his siblings were home studying, Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Nuwan and his wife stopped by. The couple left a piece of literature with Sandun and his family.

Sandun and his family were devout followers of their region’s traditional religion; they had never heard of Jesus before. Intrigued by what he read in the booklet, Sandun decided to visit the church.

The following week, Sandun spoke to Pastor Nuwan and asked him if Jesus could heal him of his breathing problems. Pastor Nuwan encouraged and prayed for Sandun and invited him and his family to attend worship services at his church.

Trust and Transformation

When Sandun returned home, he told his family of his experiences, telling them God could heal him and bless their whole family. Sandun’s father, however, did not like him going somewhere besides the temple to worship; he angrily told Sandun he should not return to the church.

Despite his father’s admonishment, Sandun  attended the worship service the following Sunday and learned how to pray to Jesus. Pastor Nuwan laid hands on him, praying the Lord would heal his asthma.

After a month, Sandun’s asthma started improving. A month later, after learning more about Jesus, Sandun dedicated his life to Him.

Sandun told his mother, Tharushi, that Jesus had healed and blessed him and he would no longer go to the temple with them. After hearing her son’s story and seeing the dramatic improvement in his health, Sandun’s mother and siblings started attending worship services as well. Although Tharushi was initially afraid of the consequences of no longer worshiping her gods, she grew in her faith in Jesus.

His mother and siblings put their faith in Jesus as well. Sandun is completely healed of his asthma, no longer requiring any medication.

“I thank God for giving good health and peace in our family,” Sandun said. “God is blessing our lives and providing our needs without any lack.”


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