Literature Brings New Life

Two friends

Sampat was discouraged. No matter how he looked at it, his business was in trouble. When he first opened his goldsmith shop, the business had flourished and the profits were good. But now he was in debt, and he saw no way out. How was he ever going to provide for his four children? At least he still had his gods. He trusted that they would take care of him.

As the days went by, Sampat’s financial situation got worse. He wanted to sell the business, but he was afraid that his friends would mock his failure.

One day Sanjiv, a local believer, visited the store. He realized that Sampat was struggling financially and tried to talk with him about it. Sampat wasn’t interested in talking with a Christian, but Sanjiv gave him a pamphlet about the love of Christ and invited him to church. Sampat laid the pamphlet aside and carried on with his work.

Some time later, Sampat was opening his shop—praying to his gods and beginning his cleaning—when he found the tract Sanjiv had left him. He didn’t want to read it, but something compelled him to. When he finished reading it, he felt a peace in his heart that this God would do something for him.

Sampat went home and told his wife that he believed Jesus would help his business. He took his wife and children with him to church and met Pastor Galav Chopra. Sampat shared with the pastor all that had been happening in his life and business. Pastor Galav urged him to trust Christ with his problems.

The next day, as Sampat was opening the shop, he prayed and asked for God’s help. At the end of the day, his profits were so great that he knew it could only have been the Lord answering his prayer.

Sampat and his family have chosen to follow Christ and are now regularly attending worship services at the church. His life was changed and the Lord is meeting his needs—and it all started with one believer giving him Gospel literature.

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