Bridge of Hope Helps Girl Rekindle Hope for Her Future

bridge of hope student now has hope for the future
Rachana had almost dropped out of school because of her family’s financial hardships until Bridge of Hope entered her life.

Rachana, 14, had made up her mind: She would quit school to work and help support her parents and brother. She knew it was the right thing to do; her family needed the extra income to survive. Besides, her parents could no longer afford to purchase the notebooks and pencils she needed for school anyway. She had dreamed of becoming a police officer after she graduated, but she knew she had to let that dream go.

Father Becomes Bedridden

Since she was a young girl, Rachana’s family had struggled financially. Their situation worsened when her truck-driver father, Sabal, was critically injured in an accident and became bedridden. Although Rachana’s mother, Nalini, also worked, the money she brought in as a daily wage laborer was not enough to support the family of four. Without enough money for food, the family was in danger of starvation.

As Rachana prepared to quit school, Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Sumesh visited Rachana and her family. After learning of their struggles, he shared the hope of Jesus, prayed for them and invited them to church.

The family began attending the weekly prayer meetings, and as they joined the believers in praying for Sabal, they saw a miracle: Sabal’s health improved! This answer to prayer increased the family’s faith in Jesus. But there were still other needs they hoped to see miracles for.

Hope for a Future

Rachana was too young to drop out of school and give up her dream of becoming a police officer for her country. However, even with her father’s health improving, there was still no way they could afford all the school supplies an education demands to excel. Pencils, pens, notebooks, a book bag and a school uniform added up to fees her parents couldn’t pay.

But Pastor Sumesh knew there was a Gospel for Asia (GFA) Bridge of Hope center in the area that could help Rachana free of cost and encouraged her to enroll. Rachana was excited to learn she wouldn’t have to sacrifice her future. Everything she needed to bring her closer to her dream would be provided.

Rachana became actively involved at Bridge of Hope, eagerly learning the lessons and engaging in art and craft projects. The thought of having to drop out of school never again entered her mind because she knew Bridge of Hope would be there to guide her. As her life changed, she found her hope for a future rekindled.

“When my father met with the accident, I decided to quit my studies and go for daily wage work,” Rachana said. “But God sent Pastor Sumesh to help us and changed the situation of my family. I am fortunate to study in the Bridge of Hope center. Bridge of Hope has given meaning to my life.”


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