Relief for Assam Flooding Survivors

Relief packetsOn June 30, Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams distributed aid for 201 families affected by the Assam floods.

In this area of Assam, 50,000 people suffered loss after the Brahmaputra River surged past its embankments. Most of the Christians there, including missionaries, lost their livestock, and some lost their homes. The believers were forced to evacuate to find higher ground to save their lives.

During the distribution of relief materials, GFA provided these survivors with food packets including rice, dal, vegetables and salt to cook their basic traditional meals. The recipients were so grateful for this provision, and several shared their experiences.

Running from the Waters

“The flood washed away my house,” said Ratnakar, who has a wife and nine children. “Somehow, we escaped from the flood and took shelter in another village which was not affected.

“We are going through hard times, and today God has blessed us with the things we need for survival. I am very much thankful to God and also to the leaders for having concern for us.”

Pastor Darpan was serving the Lord in a village that is now underwater.

“Our house was hit by a strong current and collapsed in minutes, but God saved our lives—praise to His name!” the pastor said.

Another Christian named Lochan describes his family’s narrow escape from the floodwaters.

“We never expected the flood to reach us because in previous years it did not take place in our village. Then early in the morning we heard the sound of water coming speedily towards us.

“We were confused what to do. I called out my wife and six children and we ran for our lives, leaving behind everything. The flood took our house away, while we watched from a far distance. We had nothing to eat, and today I feel very blessed for getting the things to eat for my whole family.”

Thankful for Safety and Food

Other families described swimming away from their homes as the waters rose, realizing their homes would not survive the flood even though they were constructed on tall poles to withstand the usual monsoon rains. They watched as their cows and goats washed away.

The believers praise God for saving their lives, and they each expressed gratitude for the gift of food to help them make it through this challenging time.

The Compassion Services teams are planning another aid distribution, hoping to provide food for an additional 450 families in need.

Please pray for safety for the relief teams as they travel wherever they’re able to bring aid. Pray for the river embankment to be restored and floodwaters to recede so people can go home soon and rebuild.

 Donate to flood relief to help more families like these.

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