Slum Fire Victims Receive Materials to Rebuild

Slum Fire Victims Receive Materials to RebuildOn Dec. 7, a massive fire broke out in a South Asian slum, destroying nearly 2,000 shanties—12 of which belonged to believers and 16 to the families of Bridge of Hope students.

The fire began after a cylinder holding liquid petroleum gas exploded. The flames spread rapidly as cylinder after cylinder added fuel to the blaze. The local fire department dispatched 16 fire trucks to help squelch the flames, but traffic jams caused by the fire and cramped conditions in the slums made it difficult for the trucks to reach the source.

In the days that followed, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers were able to supply clothes, bedsheets, mats and other necessary items to help those who were left with only the clothes on their backs.

On Jan. 30, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers partnered with Bridge of Hope to distribute construction materials to the families of the 16 Bridge of Hope students who had lost their homes. Materials included bamboo, tin sheets, cement and sand, which will help make their homes sturdier than they were before.

Bridge of Hope student Aalok and his grandparents were among the recipients.

“For the past few weeks,” said Aalok’s grandparents, “we were staying in temporary dwellings made of saris and clothes. We are so grateful to the church, as you came with this great help today.”

Shansa, a single mother of a Bridge of Hope student, also received material to rebuild her home.

“We received . . . more than our expectation,” she said. “Now with these items we can easily construct a shelter. Thank you so much.”

Already, nine houses have been rebuilt; the remaining seven will be completed soon.

Please pray:

  • The Lord will bring more aid to those who have lost all their possessions in the fire, and that they will be able to rebuild soon.
  • For the Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastors and missionaries serving in this slum to be a blessing to their neighbors, so others may know and understand Jesus’ love.


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